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How to Do Molding on Granite

How to Do Molding on Granite


Molding refers to the way of shaping anything using liquid or pliable raw material. Granite is a common type of igneous rock that people choose to bring for the interior finishing of their houses. Generally granite is positioned on the places like kitchen slab, window slabs etc. and for this process, Granite also undergoes molding. In order to mold granite, a granite molding machine is bought and it is bought in use to carve out granite so as to give it a perfect finishing. Today, let us find out how all this gets accomplished.

How to Do Molding on Granite

How to Do Molding on Granite

1. Inspect the Surface Where Granite is to be positioned:-

Granite molding process starts with a formal inspection. This includes the inspection of surface where granite is to be positioned. Suppose you need to position Granite over your countertop, Simply note down the length and breadth of its surface on a page while inspecting it or if you wish to position it on some other surface, say a kitchen slab, note down the length and breadth besides noting down the external boundaries that you will need to affix for finishing purposes.

2. Set up the Granite Molding Machine:-

Now you will need to set-up the molding machine. Simply plug-in the machine to power and then bring each of Granite slabs to be trimmed according to the length and Breadth requirements. You will need to supply water while the trimming operation is going on and thus you should keep it ready as well.

3. Note down the Length, Breadth, Height or Circumference of the Surface:-

You should keep length, breadth and height or circumference of the surface in mind before molding Granite and you should mold it one to two centimeters larger than required. If the Granite slab turns out to be less than requirement, there will be shear wastage of it, but if it is one to two centimeters long, you can easily trim it off.

4. Shape Up the Granite Corner and Edges:-

After the initial trimming, try positioning the granite slab at desired place. Shape up the corners and edges with molding machine and give them a perfect shape. Use dry cement wherever needed to fill between the joints.

5. Prepare the Affixing Adhesive or Chemical:-

Now we have to fix the granite slab at its proper place and for this purpose we will prepare the affixing adhesive. This adhesive will serve to keep the slab stick to place where we place it. You can also use the fixing chemical if you have to place it in a standing or slanting position.

6. Position the Granite Slab:-

You have to layer up the fixing adhesive on desired surface now. After the adhesive gets layered, you can easily place the molded granite slab over its surface. A cutting or trimming machine can be bought into use now to give it a finishing effect and to carve out the edges wherever necessary. Simply carving with a trimming machine might result in a lot of dust and thus you should keep water ready in advance.


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