How to Do Mcent Recharge

How to Do Mcent Recharge


Mcent is an application just like Google playstore that deals with the application installation, but here the applications are not only just installed but you also get paid for installing them. The application generally directs you to playstore or your browser and then the application gets downloaded. You get balance for each and every application installed and even for the referring of applications to your friends. In order to do a recharge with Mcent, these steps need to be followed:-

How to Do Mcent Recharge

How to Do Mcent Recharge

1. Have a Mcent I.D:-

First of all, make an M-cent I.D by signing up on M-Cent online. Don’t download the application directly from playstore as it might cause you a loss of 1 rupee. Simply sign up online from the browser and then creating an account from browser, download the M-cent application from your M-cent I.D. this will give you a credit even for downloading the M-cent application. After the application gets downloaded, you can open up your I.D by signing-in into that application with your mobile number and password.

2. Download Applications:-

After the M-cent application gets downloaded and your account has been signed-In, you should now start downloading applications with its help like you do with any other application download market. Simply click on the application’s name and you would be directed to the download. Simply follow the instructions provided with every application download fulfilling which the dedicated credit amount for the trying of that application will be added to your account.

3. Refer the Mcent Application:-

Now just for the download of application but M-cent offers you money even for the referring of M-cent application as well as other applications. Simply get credit with every download made as well as every friend that joins the M-cent family be your referral.

4. Have Balance Added To Your Current Mcent Balance:-

After the decided conditions get fulfilled, the money sum would be added to your account and in case the balance does not get added to your account, you can even contact the customer care of M-cent with the help of dedicated E-mail provided. The applications once tried will be added to a separate category and new applications would be shown in the first category from where you can make more trials.

5. Click Recharge Option:-

After a sum more than ten rupees gets collected as a balance in the application, you can successfully redeem it into your mobile recharge. Suppose a balance of rupees 100 gets collected in the M-cent application, simply make a click on recharge option, enter the amount of recharge say 50 rupees and then click recharge button after specifying the mobile operator and mobile number. The balance will be added to your mobile number within a fraction of minutes.

6. Get the Recharge Made:-

The recharge once made can be used lifetime. Make more application trails and make more money. Make new friends and refer the application to simply everyone making mobile balance yourself as well as for the new friends that join this family with your referral. M-cent feels good to make recharges to everyone who joins its family.


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