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How to do Manicure with Homemade Products

How to do Manicure at Home


Manicure can be understood as the process that we apply so as to enhance the beauty of our nails. This process includes almost everything that can be done in order to make your nails look presentable and enhance and beautify them. Manicure also includes clipping, trimming and polishing the nails and application of acrylic nails after cleaning up the dead tissues and dead cells while massaging the hand. This process can be easily done sitting at home and is easy to be done as well. You just need to follow some easy to do steps that I am mentioning here in order to do that.

How to do Manicure with Homemade Products (4 Steps)

How to do Manicure with Homemade Products

1. Nail Care:-

First of all, you are advised to remove up the old nail polish from the nails making the use of acetone and cotton balls by dipping the balls in acetone and cleaning up the residue nail polish from the nails. You can choose to pile up the front nail edges if you want and take a toothpick dipped in acetone to clean up the area under your nails. Make every possible effort so as to make them clean and then they will get ready for the further treatment.

2. Dip your Nails In Olive Oil Or Castor Oil:-

In order to recover the damage done by the acetone and nail polishing, you can choose to keep your fingers dipped in castor oil or olive oil for some time and then massage the rest of your hands using the same. The extra oiling can then be removed with the help of a dry cotton ball and you can choose to clean up the cuticles with a cuticles oil as well.

3. Applying the Acrylic Nails Or Nail Polish:-

After cleaning up your nails, there comes a need to apply nail polish or glitter based gel or the acrylic nails so as to make your nails ready for the party. You can choose to go for acrylic nails by applying the gum and fixing them and then they can be piled or cut using a nail cutter to enhance the shape according to need. You can even choose to go for the nail polish or nail art based method as well. Simply apply a base coat and start making experiments with the nail polish and nail stickers or glitters so as to make your nails look presentable for the party.

4. Let the polish dry:-

After applying the nail polish or acrylic nails, the need is just to wait for a while, letting the gum or polish get dried and set on your nails in a proper way and thus you can bring about any sort of change in your nails let it be the length, shape or even the texture or paint on them. All these things are included in a manicure.


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