How to do Hair Spa at Home by Self

How to Have Hair Spa At Home


Hair spa is a form of hair care that is essential for making a person have proper hair treatment and if you are able to have it at home, you get sorted. Hair care may differ according to one’s type of hair and the various processes that are employed for the same as well. In case you wish to have hair spa made at home, you may choose to go for a very simple approach that we are mentioning here and for it you will need to follow some tips that we are mentioning here.

How to do Hair Spa At Home

How to do Hair Spa at Home

1. Have a Scalp Massage:-

The first step to have a hair spa at home is to gather all the apparatus together, preferably near a wash basin. It is better if you ask someone for help or else you may even do it yourself as well. Get a scalp massage after the stuff gets arranged and then you can begin with the steaming.

2. Steam the Hair:-

The steaming of hair can be made simply wrapping a towel around your face getting your hair exposed to the steam coming out of water or you may even engage with an electric hand held steamer for this purpose. The shampoo, conditioner, etc. should be kept ready meanwhile for using them afterwards.

3. Wash your Hair:-

Now, after the steaming has been done perfectly, you will be required to go for having a wash of your hair. It is better if you have multiple washes, but before washing, the hair should be made separated from each other else later it might make them get a bit knotted.

4. Shampoo Them:-

Take mug of water with shampoo added to it or simply apply the shampoo to your wet hair, keeping it as it is for about five minutes and then rinse it off with water. Rinse off with water in such a way that no part of shampoo lather is left behind.

5. Have The Conditioner Applied:-

After the shampoo has been done, you may choose to go for the application of some good conditioner on your hair as it will make your hair smooth as well as shinier. The hair conditioners like Livon, etc. prove to be a better choice than the rest of all.

6. After Spa Care:-

When you have had spa, this does not mean that your hairs are now immune against every sort of damage and you still need to take care of them. The combing can be done afterwards or you may make the hair brushed afterwards and it will make each and every strand of your hair get detached from each other. You may make your hair get dry afterwards and continue with the rest of your scheduled activities.


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