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How to do Court Marriage In India

How to do Court Marriage In India


The Indian marriage act allows you to marry a girl that you love and who loves you to marry if you both are mature enough and have completed the age limit required for a marriage irrespective of your caste, religion and community. If you both think you can live with each other happily, just reach the nearest family courts and go for the court marriage, the procedure of what we have explained in this article.

How to do Court Marriage In India

How to do Court Marriage In India

1. Age Limit:-

Firstly, the bride should be at least 18 years of age and the groom should be at least 21 years of age and should be mentally stable and responsible enough to take a stand for each other in the society. If you are responsible and mature enough to take a stand for each other, the court will allow you both to marry with each other.

2. Needs of a Court Marriage:-

If you are to go for a court marriage, you will have to fill a form in front of the registrar of your area duly signed by both of you along with the guarantors. After verifying the application form, The registrar will then put up a notice asking objections if any. If there is no objection reported to the marriage in next one month, both the parties are invited by the registrar for the marriage. If you have had any marriage in your past, you might even be asked to submit a proof for it or even the death certificate of your divorced partner if you were married earlier and your partner died because of some reason or the other.

3. Documents Required:-

There should be at-least three witnesses for the marriage plus you will need to purchase an application form with the prescribed format from the registered marriage office getting which you have to fill and deposited along with the demanded fees. You will need to paste your passport sized photographs as well as your identity proof and residential proof.
You may even be asked to fix a copy of your PAN card or the PAN card of your witnesses or their residential proof. You will even need to deposited a proof of your date of birth.

4. Marrying Out of Country:-

If you are going to marry a person out of your country, at least one amongst you should be an Indian citizen and the person from the other country will need to submit a copy of your passport also. Your foreigner partner might even be asked to bring a marital status certificate from the associated embassy. And rest of all procedures for, you will remain the same.

5. Marrying After All Formalities:-

After all these formalities get completed, Your marriage gets registered and the court will issue you a married certificate. Then you can go anywhere in the country and get settled. Nobody can prohibit you from staying in relation with each other. If there is some fear of being killed or some threat of honor killing, you can even seek for the police protection also, else all well when it ends well, you can continue your married life happily.


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