How to Do Calligraphy

How to Do Calligraphy


Calligraphy refers to hand writing. The more beautiful and eligible your handwriting is, the easier it gets for you to win a calligraphy competition. Winning calligraphy competition is just like winning a drawing competition. The more beautiful the page looks, the more marks you get and calligraphy also helps to make your hand writing well and to help you secure good marks. In case you also wish to go for calligraphy and try to improve your hand, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here:- (How to Do Calligraphy)

How to Do Calligraphy

How to Do Calligraphy

1. Use Write Along Notebooks:-

There are various write along hand writing improvement notebooks available on almost all the leading book stores and thus you may choose to purchase one for yourself in order to go for calligraphy practice so as to write along with it and to improve your hand writing.

2. Try Making a Spare Notebook for This Purpose:-

If you do not find any hand writing or calligraphy based notebook, you may also choose to go for purchasing a spare note book for this purpose writing daily a page of writing in it with a good hand. Try to imitate someone else’s writing as it is and even your hand will start getting improved. (How to Do Calligraphy)

3. Meet a Person with Good Handwriting and Get a Page Written by Him:-

Simply meet a person with good handwriting in your knowledge and ask him for a favor. To get a page written in his hand writing for you and try to copy this hand writing exactly. Write daily a page trying to copy his or her hand writing and soon your hand writing will start getting improved.

4. Practice Daily Trying to Copy His Hand Writing:-

Simply by following this approach for a few weeks, you will observe a change for sure in your hand writing and thus you should keep on practicing and you should not leave practice of hand writing. Keep practicing daily so as to have betterment of your hand writing and to make your hand legible. (How to Do Calligraphy)

5. Follow the Dot Completion Procedure:-

When children are not able to write something, they are taught this with the help of dots joining approach. Simply make dots in the desired shape, try to join them and then try to copy the same writing without using any dots. This time you will be able to make a perfect shape of words that are easy to recognize and legible as well.

6. Take it as a Subject of Arts and Keep It Fair As Well As eligible:-

A child makes awesome drawing not because someone has taught this to him but because he is creative and creativity is contagious. If you take hand writing as another form of creativity and you try to design the words like you do while making your arts of drawing, the calligraphy practice will become an easy approach for you and thus you will be able to keep it fair as well as legible. Remember one thing more and that is not to use rubber till it is not very much essential as multiple rubbing sessions with rubber can even tear or spoil the page. (How to Do Calligraphy)


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