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How to Do a Easy Manicure at Home (5 Steps)

How to do a Manicure


Manicure refers to the trimming, filing and shaping of nails that is generally done after removal of the dirt associated with hands as well as the nails. Manicure is the choice of most of women who choose to go for beautifying their nails making them presentable enough for parties and functions. Manicure does not only makes their nails look presentable, but also beautifies their hands as well. In order to do manicure for yourself, you just need to follow some simple tips, some of which have been explained by us in this article.

How to Do a Easy Manicure at Home

How to Do a Easy Manicure at Home

1. Bring Up The Essentials:-

In order to get a manicure done for yourself, you will first of all need to bring up all the essentials needed for it. you might need a nail filer, a nail cutter, a nail shaper, some acrylic nails, some good nail polish shades that you can choose to experiment with and some oils like cuticle oil or even the old polish removers like acetone etc so as to make the manicure done in a perfect way.

2. Preparing Your Nails:-

In order to do the manicure of your nails, you will first of all need to remove the dirt that might be stick somewhere under your nails, between fingers or even the nail lids as well. Make the use of cuticle oil to clean up the cuticles and remove the old nail polish making the usage of acetone and then go for filing of the nails. You can even choose to cut, trim and shape your nails according to the look that you want.

3. Getting Artificial Beauty:-

For those who need to make their nails look beautified in an artificial way, they can choose to go for some fake nail or acrylic nail based manicure that simply includes gluing up of the acrylic nails and then you can trim or shape them up according to your needs. But remember to clear up your cuticles before doing so.

4. Nail Art And Nail Polishing:-

Those who choose to enhance their natural nails rather than the acrylic ones, they can choose to make nail arts on their nails after shaping them up. You will simply need some nail polish based stickers that you can stick on your nails after getting the base coat made and you can also choose to go for the glitter gels or you may even make some experiments with various nail polish shades giving it an art like look. You can choose to stay simple by applying a single color as well. Do whatever you want, the essence is just in making the nails get beautified.

5. Cleansing the Rest of Hand:-

Till your nails get dried up with glue or nail polish or glitter, you can choose to cleanse the rest of your hand by dipping a cotton ball in some liquid astringent or some essential oil. This will make your skin. You can even choose to moisturize the rest of your hand with sunscreen so as to get protection against sun. You can make use of some skin fairness cream or lotion as well.


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