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How to do a Beautiful French Manicure at Home

How to do a French Manicure


French manicure can be taken as a French way of doing manicure. France was believed to practice manicure since time immemorial and the technique was so effective that it could make your nails go shining in just half an hour labor. French manicure is rather easy to be done at home as well and you need not go to any beauty parlor to get it done. You just need to choose up a base coat and that’s it, begin manicure with acrylics to make them get lengthened, make usage of tools to shape nails and you are sorted. The perfect way to do a French manicure has been explained by us here in this article.

How to do a Beautiful French Manicure at Home

How to do a Beautiful French Manicure at Home

Shaping Massaging Your Hand:-

Take some cuticles oil and use it to remove the scrap paint of the old nail polish by piling it away, making the usage of a dry cloth or a cotton ball. The nail polish should be made to get removed from almost every corner and crack. If cuticles oil does not works in your case, you can even choose to go for acetone or nail polish removal liquid as well.

You are advised then to clean up all the dirt on your nails and moisturize the rest of your hand with a moisturizing lotion. You can choose to buff your nails and shape them up using the back side of the nail cutter that is often provided with the shaping patterns. You can trim off your nails according to the need and shorten them if there is a need. If you want to have long nails, but some of them got broken because of lack of care, you can choose to go for the artificial nails for handling this problem afterwards.

Experimenting With Nails The French Style:-

If you wish to go for long and sharp pointed nails, simply fix up any pair of acrylics on your nails fixing them up with the glue. Afterwards, make the use of some pale pink, cream or clear nail polish so as to apply an initial base coat.

You can choose to experiment with nail art approaches afterwards or you may simply apply a white colored nail polish afterwards or you may even choose to go for Some French shade combinations so as to do this. There are ready made French manicure kits that can be purchased readily from any good retailer or some good salon that deals with the beauty based products. Allow the polish to dry out and then your nails will get ready for a party tonight this way.


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