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How to Ditch Your Girlfriend

How to Ditch Your Girlfriend


Life is a game where nobody knows what may come in a mindset and sometimes it becomes necessary to make some actions that may appear ridiculous to an individual while may be of a great use or means or benefit to the other. Same is the case with girlfriends as well. It is my personal experience that sometimes in a relation, the female partner gets difficult to handle and it becomes necessary for the males to ditch their love in order to get a life. In case you wish to ditch your girlfriend, you may do it as follows:-

How to Ditch Your Girlfriend

How to Ditch Your Girlfriend

1. Start ignoring her and Find Interest in Something new:-

In order to ditch your girlfriend, first of all you will need to start ignoring her. By ignoring her, you are actually finding time to get indulged with new people and of course pay attention to her female friends more than her. This will be the best ditch that you can make to her.

2. Have an Affair:-

What can be worse than an affair to the girl that you are committed with. Try getting indulged in an affair with some girl of her knowledge that she hates. As they both are enemies, it will be easy for you to have an affair with that girl and for the same reason your girlfriend will feel ditched.

3. Make Physical Relationship with Her Best Friend:-

Not just having an affair is enough, but instead try getting physical with someone amongst her friends and get crazy about some other girl. Keep talking about the new girl in front of your girlfriend and keep boozing and partying without her. She is sure to feel ditched.

4. Try Clubbing, Partying and Enjoying the Way she does not likes it:-

Try clubbing, partying and enjoying to the fullest that you can and obviously all this without her. Simply get some pictures clicked with some other girl and let them be uploaded over social networking site account that you have got your girlfriend added in and I can bet she will soon turn out in tears feeling herself to be ditched from your side.

5. Try Breaking Her Heart:-

Now just this only is enough, but instead I will provide you the cruelest of advice regarding the same. Simply break her heart when she comes to meet you and say that you have many more works important than her to be completed. She will react crazy over this act of yours and is sure to feel betrayed and ditched as well.

6. Have a Spare Plan Ready:-

The problem with some girls is that they never feel their boyfriends to be a ditcher. If the same is the case with you as well and you think that your girlfriend is never going to believe that you are ditching her and will let you free, you should be ready with a plan-B always. Show her that you are getting married and that too with some other girl. She is sure to get heart broken.


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