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How to Disable Firewall In Windows

How to Disable Firewall


Firewall can be taken as a utility that the window operated systems these days come installed with. It can also be installed afterwards and comes disabled with most of the systems, but can be enabled or disabled according to the user needs as well. If you have got firewall with your system and you managed to make it enabled somehow or it came enabled in your system, you can choose to disable it in the cases of troubleshooting following the tips that we are mentioning here in this article.

How to Disable Firewall In Windows - Firewall Security

How to Disable Firewall In Windows

1. Make Sure the Antivirus Is Uninstalled:-

First of all, you will need to go to the control panel and then click the add or remove program option afterwards. Now you will get a list of applications that are installed on your computer and you just need to select your anti virus from this area and click on the remove option so as to uninstall the anti virus. If you have got multiple antivirus programs installed on your device, you may need to uninstall them all.

2. For Windows Vista and Windows 7:-

If you are making use of windows-7 or Windows vista in your system, you will need to click the enter button and then type firewall after clicking the search option. Press enter key after selecting firewall from the list and after doing so and then you can make the desired settings with the firewall making it enabled or disabled according to your need.

  1. For Windows XP:-

This one is the version of windows that I am currently using. In order to disable firewall with this type of window, you will simply need to click start and then go to the control panel that I told you while telling you how to uninstall the anti virus. This time you need not go to the add or remove programs option but instead you will need to go to the network connections window, and after you have reached this window, you will need to make a right click with mouse on the local area connection. This will give you several options and the last option in the list will be listed as properties. Click this option and then make a click on the advanced tab option.

If the firewall is enabled, the check box before the “protect my computer network” option will have a tick mark on it for sure and in order to disable firewall, you will need to uncheck this mark by clicking on it. This will disable the firewall on your version of windows.

3. In Case the Box Is Unchecked:-

If you find the box unchecked, but still the problem persists, there might be another firewall type installed in your computer that you can get to know after reaching the add or remove program option again in the control panel and making the desired research about the programs installed on your device. If you do not need any of these programs on your device, simply make a click on the remove program option and you will be sorted in a better way.


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