How to Differentiate Between Windows 32 bit and 64 Bit

How to Differentiate Between Windows 32bit and 64 Bit


We know that every computer comes with a RAM chip positioned in it for multi-tasking and speed purposes, but when we talk about a computer’s processor, it also makes a computer fast and reliable and a processor’s ability to deal with the information stored over a RAM chip totally depends on the type of window installed in it. This serves to be the main key difference between window 32 bit and 64 bit. Apart from this, there are many other differences between these two types of windows which can be illustrated as follows:-

How to Differentiate Between Windows 32 bit and 64 Bit

How to Differentiate Between Windows 32 bit and 64 Bit

1. 32 Bit Means Less RAM and 64 Bit Means Large RAM:-

Talking technically, a 32 bit window version supports less RAM in it say 2GB. A 64BIT window version on the other hand is destined to support as large as 4GB. Thus you can choose any of these window versions according to your needs. If you are choosing a computer for office purposes, you can choose a 64 bit window while if you are purchasing it for your home, you can purchase a 32 bit one.

2. Efficiency Is another Difference:-

As there is less RAM in 32 bit window as compared to 64 bit window version, efficiency can be considered a key difference amongst both. 64 BIT window is more efficient than 32 BIT window version. When efficiency is your priority, you can always choose a 64 bit window version.

3. The Performance of Personal Computer:-

Choosing a 64 bit window version also adds to the performance of your computer system. A 64 bit window won’t usually get hung while working and thus its performance is always better than a 32 bit system.

4. Speed in All Ways:-

A computer’s speed is all based on its processor and RAM chips positioned in it. When you have a 64 BIT window version installed in your system, you also have its speed boosted in all ways. It will have a super fast downloading speed and multi-tasking will also be performed in a better way on such a system.

5. An Upgrade can’t be made:-

If you are using a 32 BIT window version, you can’t upgrade it to the 64 BIT window version. If you wish to use 64 BIT window version with your system, you will need to replace the entire window with the other. If you already have a 64 bit window version installed in your system, this will be advantageous to you in this way.

6. Advantageous over the other:-

64 BIT window version is advantageous over 32 BIT window versions in all the ways and thus this also serves to be another difference amongst both the window versions. There is no drawback of using any of these window versions, but there is surely a difference of speed and multi-tasking facilities.

7. Does Not Lets the System get heated:-

The heating problem of most of the systems proves to be a crisis that everybody wishes to stay spared from. If you are using a 64 BIT window version with your computer, it won’t let the system get heated soon as there will be enough RAM for the applications to operate upon.


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