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How to Delete all Cookies in 4 Easy Steps

How to Delete Cookies from Your Computer


A cookie is a small piece of data sent from a website which is stored in the user’s web browser while he tries to browse internet on it. Every time the user loads a specific website, a cookie is sent by browser back to the server in order to notify the user’s pervious activity. You can delete the cookies stored in a browser by entering its settings. Cookies are generally bought in use to track you online which makes you compromise on privacy and thus you can choose to try clearing or deleting them from your computer following the simple steps described below:-

How to Delete all Cookies in 4 Easy Steps

How to Delete all Cookies in 4 Easy Steps

1. Deletion of Cookies in Mozilla Firefox:-

  • There is a dedicated menu icon at the right most corner of the Mozilla Firefox web browser which depicts an icon with three lines. You will need to click this option first of all.
  • Select the “Options” button at the bottom of the submenu that gets opened.
  • Two choices have now been provided to you, one out of which is to clear your recent history and the other one is to remove cookies. Simply check the “cookies” option and click the “clear now” button that follows.

2. Deletion of Cookies in Google Chrome:-

  • There is a dedicated menu at right corner of this browser like we told you in the Mozilla Firefox browser. This is the chrome icon.
  • Select the settings option and then select the advanced settings option.
  • Under “Privacy” section, you will see “Content settings”. Click this option and then under cookies option, you can set a setting to block any of the websites from saving any form of data. You can also delete the previously stored cookies on your device.

3. Deletion of Cookies in Internet Explorer:-

  • In order to delete cookies from the Internet Explorer web browser, you will first of all need to click the start button and then you will need to click the control panel finding it from the available options.
  • Now you have to double click on “Internet options”.
  • Reach the general tab and select any form of temporary file that you wish to delete in the form of saved passwords or history or cookies etc.
  • Click “Cookies” checkbox in order to delete the cookies and delete them.

4. Deletion of Cookies from Any Other Browser:-

You can choose any specific browser to use with your computer. Each and every browser comes with a dedicated option to clear temporary files by entering its settings and then finding the cookies to delete them. If you still can’t find such settings, simply clear the data for such browser or find the cookies saved in temporary files folder in order to remove them completely from your device.

Even in browsers like opera, if you enter the settings, you will find an option to view privacy settings of that browser, clicking which, you will be taken forward to another page which deals with cookies, saved password as well as history. There may be slight changes with some of the browsers but most of the procedure still stays the same.


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