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How to Debate Confidently with Controversial Topics

How to Debate


Debating can be recognized as the art of putting an irony to your counterpart’s words putting a favourable impression on the audience trying to cut all the comments made by your opponents. Debating is also done in the assemblies of ministers to put forward an impact with their voice on others. This approach can be really beneficial for you in a way that it inculcates speaking skills in an individual and thus in this article we have come up with some tips for you to debate in a better way.

How to Debate Confidently with Controversial Topics

How to Debate Confidently with Controversial Topics

1. Mirror tests with common topics:-

Start by standing in front of the mirror trying out debating on some common but burning topics like feminism or child labour or academics, day to day life etc. We often read much about these things in newspaper and television and thus we can better make an analysis of it. The better we make analysis of something, the better we debate on it

2. Research:-

When you have chosen a specific topic to debate upon, just start researching for it in newspapers, television, magazines, and internet. The more you research about a topic, the more you come to know about it and the more you come to know, the better you debate on it. Work out on hesitation removal, body language and your voice.

3. Self Analysis:-

Make an analysis of yourself. Look at the way you speak, the way you stand and the way you give impressions while speaking. Work out simply on everything. You can manage to download videos of some live debates and take inspiration from them. You can learn much from your opponents. A good speaker must be a good listener first of all.

4. Get competitive:-

Start getting competitive about it. Learn to compete with others. Take part in various debating competitions for your continuous betterment or simply stand in front of the mirror and debate with yourself. Learn when to bring about the ups and downs in your voice and when to give up a pause.

5. Learn to manipulate:-

Those who debate should know how to manipulate things. Those who see the glass half empty should try to see it half filled as well. There are always two sides of a coin and same is the case with debating. The day you come to learn how to manipulate things, you will come to know how to defend your opponent with your words. Debating is nothing but manipulating others words with a defending approach putting forward a positive impression on others.

6. Put an irony:-

A good debater is categorized by the contradiction he puts in front of the others through his points. Learn to note down the effective points of your opponents somewhere so that you may look for the facts and figures to cut their points and manipulate what they said by putting an irony over what they said. You can even take a small noting pad with you to do so. Come forward with new quotes, facts and figures and put forward a favourable impression in front of others.


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