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How to Deal with Depression and Negative Thoughts

How To Deal With Depression


All the days are not the same for us. We feel sad and gloomy sometimes. Someone Sometimes the reason for our sad attitude or sometimes it is just us. But no one wants to be sad and upset for a longer period of time. We are human being, and being happy is what we all want. There are many reasons that crop up one after another making us feel dull and cold but we should try to get back in our old and original state of mind, that’s being HAPPY. And for that I will help you too. Wondering how? I am going to mention a few things you should do for keeping yourself joyful. So here they are:

How to Deal with Depression and Negative Thoughts

How to Deal with Depression and Negative Thoughts

1. Listen To Music:-

“music is my life and lyrics are my story”

When you are not feeling happy, then look for a calm place and put earphones kept out there at your desk in your ears and change the scenario. It is being proven, scientifically that music soothes our nerves and mind and gives us solace. You should listen to your favourite songs, that try hard to swap your mood, not the ones which are all ready too sad nd gloomy. I personally choose a fast, hip hop, rock song that puts me in a party mood, you should also try.

2. Eat Something Sweet:-

There comes my favourite one. When we are basically upset then our energy level drops down. We do not fell like doing anything, we feel dull and cornered. So the magic pill that can help you is your favourite sweet. Sweets are flooded with calories, so eating something sweet gives us energy. It triggers our taste buds and tickles our energy buds making us feel good. I love strawberries, so when I feel I jump on for eating strawberry ice cream.

3. Go For A Sight Seen:-

Every one of us do have a place that gives happiness to us. So what are you waiting for guyz. You should go out in some fresh air and trip to the place which fills you with happiness and positivity. When I feel sad, I go for driving scooty on an empty road. It gives me solace and I come back home being happy. Just go out, breathe in that fresh air and visit a place where you like to sit alone and talk to yourself or just enjoy the nature.

4. Meet Your Buddies:-

After all we all are social animals. We need people around us some one to talk, some one to love, some one to take care or some one with whom we can share our grief. Do not keep it inside you. Talk about it with your buddies. Going out and meeting your friends gives your mind a chance to create a little room for your pain which gets locked up when you are hanging out with your friends. Our mind locks that room and gets diverted.

5. Find A Shoulder To Cry:-

You might be thinking that it is a lame thing which I am telling you to do. But sadly it’s the truth. Crying makes us feel light. You may be amazed to know that keeping that grief and pain inside you can make you make sick and unhealthy, so it is better to find an alone space and have a good cry.

I may not understand what you are going through but surely I can assist you in finding ways for coming out from that grief. Being happy is our basic nature, just try to be happy.


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