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How to Cut Nails

How to Cut Nails


The entire beauty of your fingers depends on your nails and if your nails get perfect, your hands look perfect. Women prefer going for manicure and pedicure so as to get their nails enhanced and enhance the beauty of their hands, but if taken somewhat good care while trimming off the nails, there is no need to look up for the other approaches and in order to cut your nails in a perfect way, the tips that I am mentioning here might be the best for you.

How to Cut Nails

How to Cut Nails

1. Gather up the equipments:-

You will need a nail shaping equipment, a nail buffer, a blade, some nail polish remover if you had painted your nails or some cotton balls that’s it. Gather up all these equipments and sit on a stool either in front of the mirror or around a table that gives you added comfort while doing so.

2. Tips while cutting a women’s nails:-

If it is the case of a women, you might need to remove up the old nail polish first and that can be done either with the cuticles oil or by applying acetone or nail polish remover liquid by the means of some dry cotton ball that can be dipped up in the liquid so as to wash away the nail polish. Rest is all buffing and shaping the nails that can be done with the specific equipments.

3. Tips while cutting up the baby nails:-

If it is the case of a baby, the nails might be quite soft and you should never think of touching a blade with a baby’s nails or to shape them up with a shaping equipment. Be simple and use a child based nail cutter to trim off the nails and make sure it does not gets much deeper and you trim off just some extra part of them.

4. While cutting an old man’s nails:-

An old man’s nails will be quiet hard to be trimmed and you might feel a need to use some hard nail cutter or use blade so as to achieve that but remember to be careful while doing so as even a slight mistake may result in bleeding. Try to make the usage of a nail cutter as much as you can and avoid using the blade.

5. Cutting up the wounded nail:-

If there was a wound related with some finger in any one’s case let it be a women of the old man, you might feel a need to leave up the wounded part as it is and cut off the rest of portion or you may even choose to ask some fellow member of the family to trim the nail off with a blade in a gentle way with patience avoiding any injury.

6. Nail care tips:-

While most of the nail cutters have a shaping pattern ready made at their back but still if there is a need of some nail filer or shaping equipment you can choose to go for it and in case of women, they can choose to apply nail polish or nail art after the nails get trimmed so as to enhance their beauty.


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