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How to Cure Jaundice by Home Remedies

How to Treat Jaundice


Jaundice can be regarded as the disease that causes the yellowish pigmentation of the skin and makes us suffer a lot. The skin of the person gets yellowish in color and the disease is associated with fever, vomiting and the person gets excluded from the rest of the crowd. This one is an acute disease and thus there comes a great need to look for the approaches that help you treat this disease in a better way and thus in this article we have come with some home remedies that will help you cope up with this disease staying at your home only.

How to Cure Jaundice by Home Remedies

How to Cure Jaundice by Home Remedies

1. Sugar Cane Juice:-

Sugarcane is a yellowish bamboo like thing that is grown in the fields and contains awesome sweet juice. This juice can help you get relieved from jaundice as well. You can chew the slices of sugar cane in order to get the juice or you may get the juice extracted first and then drink it. The choice is yours as both have equal benefits to a patient of jaundice.

2. Radish Juice:-

Radishes are the vegetables that are present approximately in every Indian home and if this is not so, they can be purchased from anywhere, let it be vegetable markets or any green grocers store as well. You can even accommodate to grow these in your own house as well. This vegetable is cheap in price and is easily to be added to your diet. You can consume it raw or you may drink the juice out of it in order to get relieved from diabetes.

3. Lemon Juice:-

You can drink lemon juice or even other citrus fruits in order to treat your problem of jaundice. Lemon and other citrus fruits contain vitamin-C that can help you recover faster from this disease and thus you can consume these fruits in order to get rid of jaundice.

4. Papaya Leaves Paste:-

Make a paste grinding leaves of papaya tree and take two spoons of this paste every day. You can even add these leaves to your chapattis in order to get rid of jaundice easily. Papaya leaves can help you a lot in order to get rid of jaundice in a better way.

5. Turmeric + Honey:-

Mix together some turmeric and honey forming a paste and consume this paste regularly if you are suffering from jaundice. This paste can act as the best medicine to treat jaundice and keep you healthy as well. Turmeric comes equipped with medicinal properties and thus proves to be the best thing for your treatment.

6. Almonds And Dates:-

You can even choose to go for almonds and dates. These are somewhat expensive but not even so much and can be easily obtained from any dry fruit seller. Dates help you recover from jaundice soon. If there is any case of fever or weakness, you are advised to stay in touch with your doctor all the time in order to avoid such circumstances and get immediate relief. If there are much complications seen in a specific case, the patient might be admitted to the hospital for additional care.


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