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How to Cure Dizziness by Home Remedies

Cure Dizziness by Home Remedies


Sometimes we experience a feeling like we are going to faint or there is a shortness of breath and the head is feeling much lighter. The person is not able to view surroundings clearly and there are cases of vomiting and nausea reported as well. Well, you may have become a victim of dizziness as all of these were the symptoms shown be an individual in this health condition that results because of an abrupt fall in blood pressure or blockage in arteries causing an improper supply of blood to the brain. If you are sure that you are experiencing the condition called dizziness, you may choose to go for the following tips to cure this health problem in your case.

How to Cure Dizziness by Home Remedies

How to Cure Dizziness by Home Remedies

1. Water, Ginger, and Common Salt:-

Simply mix some water and common salt, preferably ½ tsp common salt in 200ml water and add a portio0n of ginger juice to it or form a paste with all these ingredients so as to consume it on regular basis. It is my personally tried out remedy and believe me, it works more than any other home based approach.

2. Consume Some Home Made Yoghurt:-

Make some yoghurt daily by culture of bacteria in it or bring some old yoghurt, boil the milk, cool it afterwards and add a portion of old yoghurt to it and make new yoghurt this way on daily basis. Consuming this homemade yoghurt can prove to have desired health benefits and will also prove to be an awesome choice to keep you away from dizziness as well.

3. Take Deep Breaths and Chew Some Amla or Cumin Seeds:-

Try taking deep breaths for a while and then chew some cumin seeds or take some Indian gooseberry or Amla chewing a couple of these items. Amla is proven to have desirable benefits against dizziness and will make you active again in a while.

4. Chew Almonds and Garlic Cloves:-

In some cases, chewing almonds either raw or soaked overnight in water may also prove to have desirable health benefits for sure. You may even choose to soak up some gram seeds in water overnight and then consume them so as to get added benefits. In some cases, chewing cloves of garlic may also prove to have benefits for sure.

5. Basil Juice and Celery Juice:-

Basil, which is an Indian holy medicinal plant, can also help you a lot regarding dizziness problem. Simply pluck some leaves from the basil plant and extract the juice out of them to be added with honey and then take it on an interval of couple of minutes so as to get relieved against the dizziness problem. The celery juice can also be mixed along with the juice from basil leaves so as to get benefited in certain ways.

6. Chamomile Tea and Lemon Tea:-

Certain forms of teas like chamomile tea and lemon tea may prove to have an effect on dizziness problem as well. Simply make usage of these teas to be consumed if you are experiencing dizziness problem. Lemon can also be licked individually adding some common salt to it to get relieved against the problem of dizziness.


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