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How to Cure a Hangover (7 Steps)

How to Cure a Hangover


A hangover is the condition of a person in which he feels slightly un-relaxed. The feeling is unpleasant to him and results either because of the consumption of alcohol or ethanol or some other drug as well. The symptoms are likely to last for a day or even two, depending on the quantity of the agent you inhaled. The symptoms might even be accompanied with headache or even vomiting or dry mouth or drowsiness.

How to Cure a Hangover

How to Cure a Hangover

Generally, this condition occurs after heavy drinking as alcohol remains in the blood for 24 hours approximately and when the effect of alcohol taken at night, still resides inside you, you experience hangover and thus here we have come with several ways that can help you deal to a much extent with alcohol hangovers.

1. Stay Hydrated:-

The more you dilute the alcohol inside your body, the more the effect of alcohol taken gets decreased. You can start by drinking water as it is proven to reduce your hangover. You can even go for fruit juices as they are proven to eliminate alcohol content from the body faster.

2. Eating Onions And Other Veggies:-

You can go for the veggies rich in amino acids as the veggies that contain amino acids are proven to reduce the effect of hangover. You can even take onions, salad in order to reduce the bad breath coming from your mouth.

3. Yoghurt Plus Honey:-

Mix some honey in some yoghurt and drink it very first in the morning when you wake up with hangover. Honey is proven to reduce the alcohol content in your body plus yoghurt is rich in proteins and will reduce the swelling of your blood carrying veins or another method can be used, take some PUDINA leaves and an onion, take the juice out from them adding honey to it. Gulp it down your food pipe and rest for a while. You will get some relief from the hangover.

4. Pain Relievers:-

If you are experiencing a headache associated with hangover, you can go for the pain relievers like Disprin Or Crocin in order to get relieved from the pain because of headache. Drink plenty of water along with the pills, It will provide added benefits.

5. Don’t Keep Your Stomach Empty:-

It is seen that the problem of a hangover stays worse till you don’t eat something. Remember to eat something cooked at home and stay away prom processed foods. You can go for fruits or raw vegetables as well.

6. Hangover Pills:-

If your hangover does not go over with time, You can go to some good pharmacy store and get hangover reducing pills from it. They keep specialized hangover reliever pills at their stores that can help you get relieved to some extent.

7. If The Problem Gets Worse:-

If the problem gets worse and you are not able to recover from the hangover, you can try to vomit by inserting two of your fingers in your mouth. After vomiting, go and try to rest for a while after drinking some water to fill your stomach. If there is still no relief, go and meet some local doctor or health specialist.


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