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How to Convince Your Best Friend to Marry You

How to Convince Your Friend to Marry You


Many a times it has been seen that a long lasting friendship, finally results in love. Sometimes, both the individuals take it to be one sided and never tell the other about it thinking that it might spoil their relationship. I think that it is better to tell your friend about it as if he or she is really a friend, he or she won’t refuse you directly. He or she will surely understand your feelings and in 90% of such cases, the other friend is expected to say “Yes” if your friendship is true and not a fake one as friends in need are friends indeed. If you also have such friend whom you wish to propose or to convince him/her to marry you, these tips are surely going to work.

How to Convince Your Best Friend to Marry You

How to Convince Your Best Friend to Marry You

1. Call Him/her In a Restaurant:-

Ask your friend to meet you for an urgent piece of work. React like it is really urgent and you are going to die if he or she does not come to meet you. Fix a restaurant or some party place for this purpose. Tell your friend that nothing else can be so much urgent for you.

2. Make the Arrangements In Advance:-

Make the majority of your arrangements in advance. Decorate the booked place in advance and make the necessary arrangements.

3. Prepare the Perfect Proposal Material:-

You should also have proper proposal material with yourself to propose your friend. For this you do not need to buy any expensive or costly gift for him or her and instead you can manage to buy a proposal ring.

4. Wait for Your Friend’s Arrival:-

As you had told your friend that some urgent work needs to be done, he or she is sure to arrive in time. Now, as he or she arrives, greet him/ her warm welcome. Your friend will now ask you the reason that why had you asked him/her to come.

5. Do Not Tell Reason quickly:-

Do not propose your friend this much soon. Order something for him/her first and then have some formal talking. Tell your friend that you wish to disclose something really important today. Order his/her favorite dish or mocktail.

6. Now take Out the Ring:-

Rise up from your seat. Take out the ring now. Show the ring to your friend. Ask him/her “will you marry me?” You can also do this while bending on your knees in the style of some Bollywood hero.

7. Comfort Your Friend:-

If your friend seems surprised, you can comfort him/her by telling that you are not going to force him/her to say yes. The decision is always reserved with his/her opinion and priorities and he/she can simply choose an answer between “yes” or “no”.

8. Ask Your Friend about His/her Family:-

Simply having a talk or agreement with your friend won’t always work as marriage, its not just a union of two hearts, but it is also the union of two families. If your friend has accepted your proposal, now you can manage to send some elder member of your family to have a talk with some elder member of your friend’s family and fix the marriage. A happy married life is waiting for you.


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