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How to Control Yourself Before You Masturbate

How to Control Yourself Before You Masturbate


A sexual stimulation of one’s genitals for arousal is defined as masturbation. This happens because of a stimulation that may be caused by hands, fingers, sex toy or any other such object. Masturbation is common in both sexes irrespective of all the ages after crossing the age of adolescence. When you are just about to masturbate, there comes a time when you are on the verge of complete excitement and it becomes impossible for you to have control on this habit of yours. If you wish to control this habit before it posses you completely, you can easily control it adopting these ways:-

How to Control Yourself Before You Masturbate

How to Control Yourself Before You Masturbate

1. Self Control and Self Respect:-

Self-control and self-respect are the two keys to achieve anything in life. In order to control your habit of masturbation, you can first of all apply these two traits to your life style. Simply tell yourself that your self-respect does not allow you to masturbate and this will inculcate the sense of self control in you as well.

2. Do Not Watch Blue Films or Porn:-

It has also been seen that the people who watch porn or blue films are not able to control their habit of masturbation. (Block Porn Sites) Actually, the habit of watching porn models makes them so addicted that they don’t even feel aroused without watching these porn models and they masturbate while watching these videos. This does not even let you have self control over your habits and thus you should shun watching such videos.

3. Try Exercising:-

The best way to control yourself before you masturbate is to indulge yourself in exercising. This will make you stay fit and besides staying fit, when you will be indulged in another hobby, this will also act in a favorable way to divert your mind from masturbation. Exercising also increases your sperm count and makes you stay healthier than before.

4. Consume Shilajeet and Boost Your Health:-

Shilajeet is a gummy substance found in the areas of Himalaya ranges. This product is rich in sperm increasing properties and is helpful to boost your sexual life. It is also an ideal remedy against various other health problems as well.

5. Eat Tulsi Leaves or Tulsi Juice:-

The best property of tulsi will help you in this direction. Tulsi juice is rich in properties that make you control your habit of masturbation. Tulsi does not even make you lose your man or womanhood as well. For better results, Men can eat groundnuts and almonds while women can eat soya bean.

6. Let Your Willpower Be Your Weapon:-

Will power is a human trait that can make anything possible in this world and you can achieve simply anything if you have will power in yourself. Let your will power to be your weapon against masturbation and it will help you to control yourself before you masturbate.

7. Sleep properly to control yourself:-

It is advised that you take proper sleep and there should be no stress in your life schedule. Stay close with someone as this also reduces your tendencies to masturbate and involve yourself in some other hobby like reading, dancing, swimming etc.


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