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How to Connect PC to TV through HDMI Cable

How To Connect PC To TV HDMI


To connect your computer to television, you first of all need to determine the type of video port that comes along with your computer. There is a port at the back side of both, your computer and television that can help you to connect your computer and television.

How to Connect PC to TV through HDMI Cable

How to Connect PC to TV through HDMI Cable

Ways To Connect Your Computer And P.C

1. Guess the port your gadgets come up with and purchase the cable that connects the both.
2. WI-FI connection where you can connect your television set with the help of WI-F.

How To Know The Port Your P.C. And Television Come With :-

suppose that your computer comes along with V.G.A output port it will be of a rectangular shape with 15 pins placed in 3 rows with 5 pins in each row being the most commonly seen monitor and personal computer connection and with digital video interface port which is generally regular in shape with 24pins placed in 3 rows with eight pins in each row and this type of port is designed for high definitional interface especially and suppose there is a circular port with 4/7/or 9 pins in it m, then it is a circular S-VIDEO port and suppose there is a port that looks somewhat like a U.S.B port but is a long and thin one designed for high definition connections this one is the HDMI port which is designed especially for the HIGH DEFINITION connections and suppose there is a circular type of jack that is usually color coded in yellow.

Connecting Process

Connection Via Ports:-

after knowing about the port your computer and television comes up with, you just need to know the type of cable that can make both the gadgets join and give the desired results or not. The high definition television sets come up with an analog V.G.A port or a digital HDMI OR DVI port and likewise is the case with the computers, you just need to know the ports equipped in both the television set and the computer set and to get the right cable that connects the both ports. If they both have a same port, you just need to have a cable for connection but if there are different type of ports in both the sets, you just need to purchase an adapter cable that can convert the DVI to HDMI or V.G.A to C.V. and thus you are able to connect the both.

Connection Via Wi-Fi:-

modern devices come equipped with WI-FI facility and if either of the devices (computer and television both) have WI-FI in them, the devices can be connected with the help of Wi-Fi also by switching the television and computer to WI-FI mode and then connecting both to the same network and following the displayed instructions and entering the pass code for the network and following the displayed info in the control panel of the computer.

What If There Is No Sound After Connection?

suppose after making the connection, there is no sound, you just need to purchase an audio cable and connect both the devices though the sound cable is not needed in the case of HDMI devices but if there is no sound, the audio cable needs to be connected from the 3.5mm audio slot of your computer and the television that comes with an earphone icon and you just need to check if the wirings are properly made and then switch off your computer and then restart it again. The p.c. has now been connected to the television.


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