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How to Connect Android Phone to your PC

How to Connect Your Android Phone to P.C


Android phones have become a cheap and reliable source of data sharing as well as data processing and data storage these days. Android phones function just like a highly reliable palmtop placed in your hands. Sometimes because of some office work or any other job which requires the Android phone to be connected with the computer, we have to look for the possible options to make this connection and in such cases, we have got a variety of options with ourselves to do the same.

How to Connect Android Phone to your PC

How to Connect Android Phone to your PC

1. Connect With the Help of Data Cable:-

The first and easiest way to connect an Android phone with a personal computer is to make a connection with the help of data cable.

  • First of all, take the data cable out of your charger and plug it into one of the free USB ports of your computer’s central processing unit.
  • Now Pug in the other end of the data cable into your android phone.
  • As soon as you connect the data cable with your computer and android phone, the phone will start charging and a kind of connection menu will appear on the screen.
  • There will be a variety of options in this menu. One of these options will be to use the Android phone as a virtual drive, the other option will ask you to transfer files, another option will ask you to put the phone on charging mode and similarly there will be a variety of other such options in this menu.
  • Click “transfer files” option from this menu.
  • The computer will detect your device soon and a message window will get displayed on the screen asking if you wish to play the files or to copy files and folders from it.
  • If there is an anti-virus in your system, it might also ask you to go for a scan of your android phone if there is any virus in it.
  • If you wish to locate your Android phone into your computer, simply reach the “my computer” option and make a click on it.
  • In My computer option, you will see the names of drives in your computer. Just above the names of your computer’s drives, there will be icons displayed for removable storage units. One out of these storage units is your android phone. Simply open it and check it to copy/drag/drop files into it or from it to any other storage location.

2. Connect With the Help of Bluetooth:-

If you have got a Bluetooth device plugged into one of your computer’s USB port, you can also make connection of your computer with your Android phone searching for device from your phone’s Bluetooth settings.

3. Connect With the Help of Some File Sharing Application:-

If you are using Wi-Fi with your computer, some applications like Share it etc. also enable you to connect your phone with the computer system. Simply install the same application in both devices and try to locate one device from the other. These applications use Wi-Fi hotspot for sending and receiving files and thus this method proves to be quite fast in file sharing.


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