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How to Concentrate on Studies for a Long Time

How to Concentrate on Studies


In exam times often we find that we are either getting agitated or getting stressful. Sometimes it is seen that we start sleeping the very moment we start reading the book and it is the case with most of the students, thus there is a great need to look for the tips to concentrate in a better way and thus in this article, we are up with some tips to improve your concentration while studying some of which are as follows :-

How to Concentrate on Studies

How to Concentrate on Studies for a Long Time

1. Change The Settings of  Your Room:-

First of all, I will advice you to change the settings of your room, if there is some table in your house, bring it in your study room and arrange 2 chairs, a water jug and some snacks for you to eat while studying. There should be proper lighting arrangement in the room and you can even put an alarm clock with reminders set in it. You can even paste some slogan that reminds you your target in exams.

2. Never Study On Bed:-

The problem with some of the students is that they study while lying on their bed. It makes them sleep while keeping their heads in books and they don’t even realize the time they slept at. Your study room should not have any sleeping arrangement if you feel impossible for yourself to control lying on it.

3. Arrange Study Material At Proper Place:-

Another problem with some of the students is that they forget where they had kept all their notes, books and notebooks. I will advice them to bring all the stuff at a single place so that you can find everything when you feel the need of it.

4. Have A Study Mate:-

We have friends to share everything with, right? Is not it? Then why can’t you have a friend for studying also? Have a friend to study with. Call him home to study with you so that you both can share the problems from books that you feel troublesome to solve. Sharing a same room to study will surely prove to be beneficial as you won’t need a special tutor or instructor and you both will get benefited.

5. Adequate Sleep:-

Get adequate sleep in your exams. When you get adequate sleep, you are likely to get relieved from the daily stress and when you are not stressful, you stay active while studying. You can even take some coffee breaks while studying to keep you awake and active.

6. Meditation:-

You can even start meditating in exams. Meditation brings positive wibes to you and you stay even more fresh and active. Meditation can even help you concentrate in a better way. You can do meditation in the morning or anytime when you feel distracted. You can even eat cashews and almonds to enhance your brain power.

7. No Gadgets And Electronics:-

The main distraction during exams can be gadgets and electronics. One moment you start studying and the other moment you hear voice of some favorite movie of yours being played on the television that your brother is watching in the other room, so I will advice you to ask your family to lock all the gadgets and electronics during your exams to avoid distractions.


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