How to Comfort a Friend

How to Comfort a Friend


Sometimes in life, it is that our friend is crying and we also find no way out to help him or her. People say that friends have got benefits and if you can’t make a friend comforted in bad time, you are not a friend as well. In such situations, you simply need to understand what your friend is going through and you can have a better estimate of what can be done in this situation proving you to be a friend in need as well as a friend indeed. In order to comfort a friend, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Comfort a Friend)

How to Comfort a Friend

How to Comfort a Friend

1. Try to Talk to Your Friend and Ask the Reason:-

In order to comfort a friend, you may begin the first with trying to talk with him and asking him the reason while trying to console him or her in a friendly manner. Your voice should have a low pitch and besides this it should have a comforting tone. Do not try to force friend even if he or she does not wants to tell you the reason.

2. When No Answer is received:-

In case no answer is received, try to make him or her swear by your name that he or she would have to tell what has happened to him or her if you are taken as a friend. Try to use an emotional approach while doing this and try to use every sort of emotional word that you can use with your friend. (How to Comfort a Friend)

3. Be Responsible, Patient As Well As Calm At This Time: –

You should never ever make your friend feel you are just making a formality and besides being responsible, you should adopt a mature kind of approach in dealing with your friend being calm and patient while trying to comfort him or her as a slight haste made from your side is enough to spoil the mood of your friend and to make the matter even worse than before. (How to Comfort a Friend)

4. Adopt A Friendly, Slow and Mature Tone:-

You should adopt a friendly as well as slow and mature kind of tone while trying to deal with a friend in order to comfort him or her as if else you try to show anger or frustration, they would cry even louder and instead of getting comforted, their pain would get even more increased.

5. When Tears Do Not Stop:-

This generally happens in the case of females that they do not tell you anything till last and just keep on sobbing tears as if you would yourself have to get an idea about all what has happened and they won’t tell you anything at any cost. In that case you should speak nothing and just hug that female trying to comfort her and that too while using the consoling words. The best thing about a hug is that one size fits all let it be a male or female and just a single dose is enough for all the tears to be wiped out. (How to Comfort a Friend)


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