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How to Clear Browser History From all Browsers

How to Clear Browser History


Browser History can be understood as the record of web sites and web pages that you opened while surfing on internet. Whenever you open a specific website or a web page, A record of it is maintained by your browser date wise in order to give you the exact data of your internet browsing schedule. There is a great need to keep clearing this data history from your web browser in order to maintain a proper browsing experience and avoid excess junk data be flooding your browser making it slow.

How to Clear Browser History From all Browsers

How to Clear Browser History From all Browsers

1. Open up The Browser:-

In order to clean up the browser history, you will need to open up the web browser first of all. Even if you use the short cut keys to erase the history from web browser. Now when you have opened the browser, you will need to go to the settings in order to go for the further approaches for the normal browsers but if you are looking for Mozilla, or internet explorer or Google Chrome, the approaches to clean the web history of these browsers has been explained by me in further points.

2. Clearing the History in Internet Explorer:-

Click the “Tools” option in the upper right hand corner of the web browser. Select the Internet Options from the drop down menu and then Go to the general tab in the browsing history section. Click the settings button and view the browser history, you can choose to clear this history by pressing the clear button.

3. Cleaning Up the History in Mozilla Firefox:-

In order to clean history in Mozilla Firefox, You will need to click the history button that is provided at the bottom of your browser window. The history will get opened. You can clear it by pressing the clear history option provided.

4. Cleaning Up the History In Google Chrome:-

In order to clean history in Google Chrome browser, Wrench or Menu icon located on the top right of the browser window. The history will get opened and you can right click on it to clear it all. You simply need to choose the clear history option.

5. Shortcut Keys For Cleaning Up The History:-

There are some shortcut commands to clean history in every specific browser and for Internet Explorer it is Ctrl + Shift + Delete. You can then click to confirm the deletion and the history will get deleted this way. The shortcut for Mozilla Firefox is “Ctrl + H” or “Ctrl + Shift + Delete” and the shortcut for Google Chrome is also the same but you will need to keep the browser on while doing so in each case.


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