How to Clean Your Car Properly

How to Clean Your Car


Cars can be regarded as a means of transport that approximately every metro family uses in the contemporary world. While trying to clean up a car, you need to clean up all the accessories in it. Maintaining a proper level of cleanliness in your car is essential for comfortable and hygienic ride and thus there comes a need to look for the approaches that help us do so in a perfect manner. Some of the ways that we can apply in order to clean our cars is as follows:-

How to Clean Your Car Properly

How to Clean Your Car Properly

1. Water sprinkling:-

First of all, you will need to sprinkle some water on your car. That does not means you take over a pipe and start wasting water, you are advised to take a water spraying bottle like the ones found with the barbers and spray up water on your car with that. You need to put water on each and every stain. If there is some mud accumulated downside your car, you can choose to remove it with your hand.

2. Newspaper for mirrors:-

Now when you have sprayed water on your car’s body, you can choose to remove the stains with a cloth and talking about the mirrors, you first will need to sprinkle some water on them and then you need to take an olden newspaper and then clean up the glass using it in a way that newspapers are said to remove glass stains in much better way.

3. Dirt removal from mats:-

There will be some floor mats in your car on which you keep your feet while sitting in it. Firstly, take these mats out and go for the inner dusting of car. You can even choose to go for a vacuum cleaner as well. Now when the car has been cleaned from inside, you can choose to go for the dusting of mats as we.

4. Cleaning up the Drawers and other accessories:-

There will be some drawers in your car that will require cleaning. You can choose to clean up the inner accessories and plates as well. Clean up the side plates, deck, cigarette thrower, lighter, mp3 player and rear glasses. You will also need to clean up the batteries if some carbon has deposited on them.

5. Cleaning up the seat covers:-

Now when rest of the car has been cleaned, you need to clear up the seat covers as well. Take out the seat covers and get them dry cleaned. If there are extra comfort coverings added, you can choose to clean them also. The seats need to be dusted properly and then you can put the seat covers back.

6. Odour Removal:-

If your car had remained with dust, there must be some odour or bad smell in it as well. You can choose to go for the odour removal approaches by spraying some air freshener or mild deodorant in your car. Get it serviced if needed and check if the filters need to be replaced. If there is some broken or tempered wiring circuit, you can get it changed as well.


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