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How to Clean Silverware easily at Home

How to Clean Silverware easily at Home


The silverware refers to the silver made utensils as well as the silver jewelry. It has been observed that the Silver made crockery and other items get a little bit blackish due to the accumulation of dirt and oxidation of it over time and thus there is a great need to look for the approaches that can help us maintain this shine with our utensils. In case you need to clean the silverware in your kitchen or house, simply use the tips that we are mentioning here for this purpose and you will get sorted.

How to Clean Silverware easily at Home

How to Clean Silverware easily at Home

1. Use a Dish Wash Scrub:-

Often we use steel scrub to wash stains from the utensils with sticky and tough dirt. This steel scrub can be bought in use to clean the silverware as well. The steel scrub should be used in a light motion after the dish wash, scrub has been applied on it and you will get shining silverware afterwards.

2. The Toothpaste Based Approach:-

There was a silver coin that I belonged to my ancestors and it was in a completely spoiled condition because of ageing process that had made it deteriorated with time. I simply applied toothpaste to it and kept it as it is for an hour. After it, I simply rinsed off the silver coin with water and what I saw was a miracle, the silver coin was shining as good as new. You can also use this technique with silverware.

3. Get A Silver Cleaner Acid:-

You must have heard of aqua regia, which is an acid solution used to clean the gold? It dissolves the outermost layer of an ornament in it and the ornament gets as good as new. There is a similar kind of acid solution available for cleaning the silver ornaments as well. You can use this approach to clean silverware which has got spoiled because of ageing.

4. Baking Soda plus Water:-

Take a portion of baking soda and add it to water. Now use this dilute solution with your silverware to make it shine again as good as new. This approach is proven to make your silverware clean, but remember that the baking soda should be diluted first with enough water.

5. The Regular Use For Maintaining Shine:-

It has been scientifically proven that the more you use silver based ornaments, coins and kitchen utensils, the more it stays shining as the regular use does not let it get rusted and the regular use means regular care. You are advised to go for the regular use of silverware to get added benefits regarding the cleanliness and shine of such items.

6. Lemon Juice for Better Cleaning:-

In some cases the usage of lemon juice with the associated silverware may also make you certain benefits for sure. Simply cut off a lemon into two slices and then run the silverware with those slices. The acidic content of lemons will make the silverware get cleaned in a better way. It has rather been proven that lemon juice is the best available kitchen cleaning agent in the world.


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