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How to Clean Glasses Carefully

How to Clean Glasses Carefully


Your looking glasses are of a great importance in a way that they enable you look at your surroundings in a better way, but unfortunately the dirt and pollution that harms your skin , harms them as well and after a certain time, they lose their shine as well as clearance. The glasses get affected with smudge and dirt that does a great harm to them. In this article we have explained some steps that you can bring in operation in order to get rid of this dirt in a better way.

How to Clean Glasses Carefully

How to Clean Glasses Carefully

1. Soap Lather Solution:-

You can start up by forming a lather solution mixing some soap with water in some utensil and sink your glasses properly in it for some time till the micelle formation takes place. The greasy dirt will get loose this way and it will get easy to be detached with simply cloth cleansing.

2. Cleaning With Cloth:-

After you have finished physical cleaning of your glasses with lather formed by soap, you can choose to clean the spectacles with a dry cloth to pat dry your glasses. These can now be cleaned up with some glass cleaner or some cleansing agent for added cleaning.

3. Cleaning With Acetone:-

Acetone is a liquid that gets converted to the vapor form directly after coming in contact with air. This liquid can be applied on your glasses in order to make them get rid of the excess dirt. You can choose to dip a cotton ball in acetone and then clean the glasses with it.

4. Glass Cleansing Spray:-

There are some glass cleansing liquids like Collin or some other glass cleaning liquid like the ones available on every spectacle shop these days can be bought in use to clean the glasses further in order to remove the excess dirt and smudge from them.

5. Special Spectacles Cleaner:-

You can even make a special glass cleaner yourself by mixing up some lemon juice drops in water. This solution is much effective for cleaning up the glass surfaces. Firstly sprinkle some solution on the glass and then pat dry it with the help of the cotton.

6. Get Them Buffered:-

There is a glass buffering machine available with every spectacle maker. This glass buffering machine is specialized to clear up the scratches and cracks up the glass surface and give it a new finish. You can reach your nearest glass spectacles maker in order to get the buffering done for your spectacles. In order to give them added shine.


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