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How to Clean all Types of Glasses Easily

How to Clean Glass Easily


Glass is an amorphous form solid material that is often transparent and has a wide usage in the field of transparency. It is widely used in making, showcases, doors, windows, tables, etc. and thus proves to be of a great usage to us. If I make you understand it in simple words, glass is basically an unpainted mirror that you can’t watch your face in and instead it gives you the image of object that is placed behind it. It becomes quite irksome sometimes to clean such things and thus they need to be taken care of.

How to Clean all Types of Glasses Easily

How to Clean all Types of Glasses Easily

1. Physical Cleaning with Water and Dry Cloth:-

For the minor stains that are caused by food or food products can be cleaned by simply sprinkling some water on the glass and then rubbing it with a dry cloth. This will remove minor stains and dirt in a better way. Remember to sprinkle cool water only as hot water can make the glass get cracked.

2. Cleaning with A Cotton and Stain Remover:-

If the dirt is not easy to be removed, You can choose to go for a stain remover liquid. These liquids are specialized for glass surfaces. Simply dip a cotton ball in the glass stain removal solution and then clean up the glass with the help of this cotton. You can even clean up the glass with a dry cloth if the stain remover bottle has got s spraying nozzle attached with it.

3. Cleaning Up the Paint or Extra Stubborn Dirt:-

Sometimes the dirt gets extra stubborn and does not gets removed with stain remover liquid as well. You can choose to take some acetone in a cotton ball, apply it on the glass surface and then rub the surface with some spare tooth brush. Even the stubborn dirt will get removed this way.

4. Cleaning Up the Car Glass Or Window Glass:-

You can’t manage to get much acetone or stain removal liquid in order to clean up multiple windows or car glasses and thus you can choose to spray some water on them by the means of some spraying bottle and then clean it up with the help of newspaper. Newspaper is said to best absorb the water on glass surface and help you to maintain the shine of glass as well.

5. Getting the Added Shine On Glass:-

If you seek to bring some added shine on the glass surface, You can choose to use something like coconut oil or a car wash polish in order to bring an added shine with the glass. You simply need to put some water on the glass, apply the gel and then remove it with the help of some dry cloth. The glass will start shining.

6. Precautions While cleaning Up a Glass:-

When a glass surface meets some breakage, It needs to be properly handled in a way that the broken glass may cause you a wound and it may result you in bleeding. You should wear protective equipment like gloves while doing so in order to get an added benefit.


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