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How to Clean a Mattress That Has Bed Bugs

How to Clean a Mattress


A mattress is a kind of large pad used for supporting the reclining the body. Often mattresses are laid over the bed and over the small wooden or iron made sleeping rests for the added comfort that every individual needs and often after a regular usage these get dirty, but one can’t manage to wash them off as these are quite bulky so as to fit in your washing machine and thus there comes a need to look for the better approaches to go for the same and the ways that we are mentioning here are sure to help you with it in certain ways.

How to Clean a Mattress

How to Clean a Mattress

1. Take off the Mattress Cover and Bed Sheet and Get Them for Washing:-

First of all, you will be required to take off the mattress cover as well as bed sheet and get them for washing in a laundry or put them in a washing machine for a better kind of wash. The washed mattress cover and bed sheet can be afterwards put on the bed for using them again.

2. Take the Mattress Out In the Open and Beat It with A Stick:-

The another thing that you will need to do now is to go for beating the mattress out in the open with a stick which will make the dirt get detached from it and your mattress will get rid of all the sort of dirt that has got accumulated over it in a period of time.

3. Now Put It Off Under the Sun for a Couple of Hours:-

You are advised to put off the mattress under the sun for a couple of hours after removing all the sort of dirt from it. This will make you get rid of all the sort of moisture and bugs etc that reside in it as the sun’s rays are a perfect solution for small bugs and insects.

4. The Dirt should be removed properly:-

The beating with the stick should be done in such a way that most of the dust gets removed from it. The rest can be achieved after the mattress is exposed to the sun. You may also choose to go for spending some more efforts in cleaning your bed till then.

5. Now You Need To Put On The Mattress Cover Back:-

Now when the mattress has been exposed to the sun and there is no dirt left with it, you may bring it back to the bedroom and position the mattress cover back on it. Simply lay the mattress back to your bed, position the cover back and then lay off the bed sheet over it in a proper way and then position back the cushions and pillows.


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