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How to Choose Eye Glasses for your Face Shape

How to Choose Glasses


Eyeglasses or Spectacles can be understood as the glasses fixed up in frames after buffing them with a cutting machine and then are wore by people with defects with the eyes (myopia, Hypermetropia etc.) or in order to save eyes from defects like in the case of computer eyeglasses. There may be any purpose of wearing eye glasses, all of them will be related with the eyes and thus a great care needs to be taken while choosing a pair of glasses for yourself.

How to Choose Eye Glasses for your Face Shape

How to Choose Eye Glasses for your Face Shape

1. Never Choose To Borrow Glasses From Some One:-

First of all, let me caution you about using glasses, there are some people who choose to borrow glasses from some other member of the family when their eyesight gets week so as to save some of their money, but rather I will say that this way you are giving invitation to a big eye related disorders as it will make your eyes get worse and thus you should never wear eyeglasses borrowed from someone at any cost.

2. Have an Eye Test:-

In order to get glasses for yourself, first of all, you will need to reach some good optician or eye related doctor. He will ask you to read a chart written with alphabets in different-different sizes and make you know how much weak your eyesight is. He might even choose to examine your eyes and then will recommend you a number for eye glasses.

3. Choose a Frame:-

Now, after undergoing the eye test to know the number of lenses that will be good for your eyesight, you are advised to reach an optician so as to get glasses made for you. He will show you many frames to choose from, first of all. These frames will vary in multiple colors as well as designs and you can choose to go for any one amongst them.

4. Choose The Glasses:-

After when you have chosen frame for your glasses, he will ask you to either tell him the number for the lens that you need to get or will ask you to select from the glasses that he has got with himself. This way after selecting both the things, including the frame as well as the glass, he will buff up the glass into the frame and fix the glass in it. This way you will get glasses for yourself and you can ask him for the case of your glasses and make the payments.

5. Choosing the computer glasses:-

If you are from computer related profession and are going to purchase some eye glasses for yourself to get protection from the rays that the computer screen emits, don’t forget to check if the glasses that you have purchased are genuine or not. You can check it by picking up the glasses from back side in your hands and facing it towards the tube light. If you see a green colored coating on the upper face of the glasses, the glasses are genuine, but if you don’t see that, the glasses are fake


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