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How to Check Yahoo Invisible Friends

How to Check Yahoo Invisible Friends


A profile that is made on the website is a yahoo profile. Yahoo is an American multinational Internet corporation headquartered in Sunnyvale, California. The Yahoo search engine can be used to make a profile on it that we call as a yahoo profile. Yahoo automatically creates a profile page for each new user that logs in to the Yahoo website and sets up an account. Users can get their names, age, location and other details on this Yahoo profile and even the others can view it using a Yahoo messenger.

How to Check Yahoo Invisible Friends

How to Check Yahoo Invisible Friends

1. Sign In To The Yahoo Messenger:-

First of all, You will need to enter in the URL bar. The Yahoo log in page will get opened. Now you can choose to log in if you already have a Yahoo account or if you don’t have it, You can choose to make a new I.D on Yahoo for the sign-in purpose and then log in it after making the necessary formalities.

2. Check If The Contact Is Online Or Offline:-

Now, after you have logged in your Yahoo account, You can choose to check who is online. The online contacts can be accessed directly from online friends list. Suppose If a friend of yours is online, they will be visible in your online contacts list and if they are not found online, You can choose to click the arrow next to contacts above your list of contacts and choose the “Show offline contacts” option. The offline contacts will get shown this way.

3. Opening Up The Contact’s Profile:-

Now, after making the offline contacts visible, the next thing that you have to do is to make a right click on the user’s name and choose the View Profile option. The profile of the offline individual will even get opened this way. A new browser window will get launched that will be having the profile of respective person.

4. After The Profile Gets Opened:-

Now, after the user profile gets opened, You can view all the details associated to that friend of yours. His or her name, age, location, sex, Date of Birth, Profile picture and all other information will be in front of your eyes. If you wish to take a PDF copy of it, you can get that by using an add-on application with your browser. If you don’t have a Yahoo friend, First you will need to send a request to him and then the contact will get visible to you.


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