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How to Change Your WiFi Password

How to Change Your WiFi Password


Those who use WiFi are likely to encounter adverse situations related with it. Wi-Fi is the means of using internet wireless with the help of a router. There are some of the big applications that require huge amount of data to be downloaded and operate on and WiFi proves to be a money saving approach for all. Here we are mentioning a way to change your WiFi password that will help you.

How to Change Your WiFi Password

How to Change Your WiFi Password

Why Do I Need To Change My WiFi Password?

Using a WiFi has its own advantages, but if somebody comes to know the password of your WiFi, he or she is likely to take an advantage and eat up all the data you have. There feels a need to keep on changing the password of your WiFi time to time in order to save your data and save yourself from data theft.

How Can I Change My WiFi Password?

In order to change the password of your WiFi, you just need to open your router’s configuration page using your web browser and you can even make a connection via WiFi.
An Ethernet cable can be used to connect your computer directly to router to bypass the need of the password.

Now you need to enter the standard router address that can be asked from the service provider. Enter the address he tells you to the address bar. It will provide you a grant to the configuration page and you will get sorted.

In case you are not able to get the grant, you can take the help of a shortcut I am telling you. Just press the “window sign” + “r” and then a tab will get opened in which you have to type “cmd” , It is basically a run box. Now a black screen will get opened in which you have to type “ipconfig” at the very place you see the cursor and then you have to press enter key.

Now you just have to look for the connections in the list that are active and you will now just have to find the default set gateway address.

If you are using windows professional, the same procedure will be followed or if you are using windows8 you just have to open the menu and enter command prompt following the same procedure. If nothing works, you can press and hold the button on your router for half a minute to revert it to the factory reset mode and then you will just have to enter the default set values of the password and username in it. The default values of the username and password can be known from the service provider. If you still face any problem you can go with the manual or you may even seek for a professional’s advice or if you have a friend good in cyber knowledge, You can seek for his help also.


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