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How to Cajole Someone The Right Way

How to Cajole Someone


To cajole someone means to take someone in your words either by buttering or flattering him or her. When you use insincere compliments or promises to persuade someone, it means you are cajoling them. Suppose I ask you “Please lend me fifty thousand rupees. I will be your best friend forever”, with a promise that I will return them soon, I am actually cajoling you and this trick has always been bought in use by borrowers get tricked by their words. If you wish to learn this art of cajoling, you just need to learn about a few factors that cajoling is all about and you will be able to cajole anyone with your words. Some gnikfgfgrof these factors have been mentioned here by us.

How to Cajole Someone The Right Way

How to Cajole Someone The Right Way

1. Flattering to Cajole:-

The best way to cajole someone is to start flattering them. People never like complaints, but they always appreciate compliments. Suppose you wish to ask for a pen from your brother, simply asking for a pen won’t create an effect than an effect which can be created asking him in a flattering way for it.

2. Gentle Urging or Caressing:-

You can cajole someone also in a gentle urging or caressing manner. Suppose I have to ask for something from you and I simply ask it normally, this won’t create an effect on you as much as it will be created when I will ask you for it while caressing you like anything. A gentle urging tone is always appreciated.

3. React Negative Way:-

Sometimes, we can cajole someone even with our negative words. If you ask me to bring a bottle of water for you, there are chances that I may refuse, but if you say that I can never bring a bottle of water for you, this will make me think again and may be that I really bring a bottle of water for you. This trick generally works with kids. When their mothers ask them to do something, they never do it, but when their mothers refuse them to do something and they surely try it once.

4. Praising to Get Their Work done:-

You can also cajole someone by praising them. Who does not like to be praised. Praising words always make us reach cloud nine and we can easily be cajoled by someone who praises us. In order to cajole someone with your words, you can thus choose a praising attitude in order to make them behave your way.

5. Soft Words and Friendly Approach:-

Soft words and a friendly approach are the best way to cajole someone. If you begin like,” Dear, you are my best friend. Won’t you do that for me? Please, you are my best buddy”, your friend will surely manage to fulfill what you expect from him or her.

6. Sometimes Even A Bit of Glamour:-

Sometimes even a bit of glamour works while you try to cajole someone. Yesterday, a boy asked me for my seat in metro train but I did not make my seat vacant for him saying that even I am tired and that I came earlier to occupy that seat but when after sometime a glamorous model like looking girl asked me for the same seat with word “Please” from her mouth, I did not even realize when I had left my seat offering it to her and thus even a bit of glamour can help you sometimes to cajole someone.


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