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How To Buy A Computer

How To Buy A Computer


In the contemporary world, computer has become a commodity that every body needs. a child might need this gadget to play games or to watch movies or his elder sister might need it to make a power point presentation for the college or her father may need it to get his office file made in it, from child to his father, all are in need of this gadget from having the daily work done to enjoy chatting on Facebook or Whatsapp or to update status on twitter, computer is a gadget that has the power to replace all the others. And with its increasing demand, there increases the need to purchase it.

How To Buy A Computer

How To Buy A Computer

How To Know What Type of Computer You Need?

Computer is a gadget found within every home nowadays in metropolitan India and with this demand there becomes a need to buy the best one for you. To buy a computer, one must know the task for which he or she is purchasing it. For example if someone purchases a computer for a student, then he or she might look for a simple computer with a normal processor and a normal hard disk and normal ram but if someone wants a computer for business purpose then he or she might look for a great processor like the dual core or i3 or i4 and a great memory of 500GB hard disk or one T.B. hard disk and a RAM of about 6/8/12 G.B. depending on the business that he or she does.

Don’t Ever Go On The External Looks of A CPU :-

Every CPU looks great from outside, but working on it, you have to work with the features not the external looks, so before buying a computer, ask for the processor it comes with and enquire about the motherboard and if comes up with a CD or DVD writer or not Or if it has enough hard disk memory and RAM meeting your requirements or not.

Remember to Check the Properties of the Computer :-

If you don’t know how to check the properties of the computer, just right click with mouse on the MY COMPUTER option and click the properties, it will show you the processor information along with the motherboard information and the RAM in the computer. Now open the my computer option and check the disk properties of every disk and check if it makes a total of the hard disk told by the seller or not.

Are the Windows Genuine or Fake?

Enquire if the windows installed in the computer are genuine or not and ask for the guarantee card of the computer. Use only a genuine quality of LCD OR monitor with your computer and purchase only the genuine input and output devices for it. Ask for the original bill of the gadget from the seller and then purchase it after enquiring all the things and accessories it comes with.


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