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How to Build my Concentration Power

How to Increase Concentration Power


You need concentration power for every work that you do. Its either that you are on a job or that you are playing some sports or that you are studying, none of these can be achieved without good concentration that fortifies you to focus in a better way and bring about the desired results and thus here we have come with some tips that will help you boost your concentration levels.

How to Build my Concentration Power

How to Build my Concentration Power

1. Clear Out The Obstacles In Your Way And Mind:-

The first thing that I will like to suggest you to increase your concentration while doing any specific work is to clear out the obstacles coming in your way and mind. Try to focus and learn to tell yourself that the impediments in your way can’t stop you from achieving your goal. Learn to challenge yourself first in order to improve concentration.

2. Work Out On Your Strategies:-

Your strategy and your work go hand in hand. If you have a good strategy, you are likely to focus better. Work on a plan for a specific work and then complete it the way it was decided. Those who learn to make plans always concentrate better.

3. Prepare Well In Advance:-

The next thing that can help you improve your concentration power is to prepare well in advance. If you are a sports person, start preparing for an event a month before than when it is scheduled to be organized. If you are a student, start preparing for your exams from the very beginning of the session. When you are confident enough that you can achieve something, you concentrate on it even better.

4. Meditating Once A Day:-

Try to inculcate the habit of meditating once a day. If relieves you from all the types of stresses that you come across in your daily life. Those who meditate concentrate on a specific work even better and thus meditating is a must. Take breaks in between and you can even go for cardio or aerobics as well. Your mind and body needs some fresh air sometimes to concentrate better, so in breaks that you take, you can go outside in the open for 10 to 15 minutes in order to get some fresh air.

5. Be Determined And Dedicated:-

Be determined and dedicated to the goals that you have to achieve. Those who are dedicated to their work concentrate better on it. Do everything with equal determination and dedication. The moment you feel distracted just close your eyes and say,” I am, I can and ‘I will” then simply open your eyes and continue your work. This proves helpful to a lot extent in improving your dedication and concentration to a specific work.

6. Even The Emperor Got Inspired With The Spider:-

You must have heard the story of an emperor who had lost a battle 16 times and had hidden in a jungle after getting defeated where he came across a spider who was trying to reach her web and was trying continuously despite her countless failures to reach her destination. This motivated the emperor and he started battle once again with the remaining soldiers and defeated its enemy nation successfully the 17th time. Same is the case with us. Learn to motivate yourself. The day you learn to motivate yourself, your concentration will itself get increased.


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