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How to Build a Wood Cabin in 7 Easy Steps

How to Build a Cabin in Woods


In countries where forests and trees are in abundance, you can manage to build a cabin for yourself in the woods as there will be a plenty of building material at such places. There are many such places by New York side or in America. Even if you are a nature lover or if you love a site which is near forests or woods, you can easily manage to build a cabin for yourself at such places following some simple tips that we have mentioned here.

How to Build a Wood Cabin in 7 Easy Steps

How to Build a Wood Cabin in 7 Easy Steps

1. Choose the Size of Your Cabin:-

First of all, think about the size of your cabin. You can choose size according to the availability of clean space or you can clean the space according to your size needs. The next thing that you will need to do now is to make a chart of construction where you can draw a diagram for your cabin to be built. This will serve as an architect’s map for you.

2. Gather the Building Stuff and Equipments:-

Now when the building plan is ready, all what you have to do is to gather the building stuff, tools and equipments now. This will include the iron nails, the hammer, the flooring tiles, the timber wood, varnish, fixing units, iron bars, iron fixing plates etc. Simply organizes all such stuff at a single place first of all.

3. Clear the Location:-

Now there comes the time to clear the location. You can uproot every big rock or weed coming in this area to make it get flat. Dig the soil to make a square or a rectangular bed in it. This will serve to be the place where you will implant the timber wood to serve as a support for your cabin.

4. Set up the Base:-

In order to set up the base, simply take four pillars of timber-wood and bury them inside the soil digged in such a way that they are in a standing position with their length and half of their length is buried inside the soil while the half of it is still outside. This will serve as the working place for making the base of the wooden cabin.

5. Start Building Up:-

Now we have to start building the cabin fixing timber wood and wooden pillars in order to create the room. Doors and windows can also be carved out of the wooden timber as it is available in abundance in woods.

6. Place the Roof over Pillars:-

After the four boundaries of your cabin get ready, you can manage to fix the roof over it with the help of iron nails, wooden pillar and some rectangular sheets positioned in a perfect symmetry with the four wooden walls of your cabin. You can also layer another line of these wooden rectangular sheets over the first line to ensure roof safety.

7. Perfect Ventilation:-

While making a wooden cabin for yourself, you should ensure perfect ventilation measures for it. The wooden cabin should also be strong enough to bear winds and it should also be protective enough against rains. You can also build a front sitting arena in order to affix some chairs in it to sit and sip coffee in it.


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