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How to Build a Shelter

Build a Shelter


You can’t always stay in your home right? There will be some time for sure when you will need to move opt and build a shelter for yourselves or even if you feel you won‘t ever need it, you should still know how to build a shelter in case something unfortunate happens and you may feel a need for it, you won’t feel guilty in that situation. Well, I am familiar with such situations as I often keep on traveling in the wild and thus I need to build shelters much often. In case you also feel the need to learn it, you may choose to go for the approaches that we are mentioning here.

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How to Build a Shelter

1. Straw and Grass for the Roof:-

First of all, you will need to look around for the construction material. Look, if there are some rocks, pebbles, tree branches, etc. If there is some tarpaulin available that will be great else you will need to make usage of grass, straw and branches of trees and plants only.

2. The Thin Branches of Trees as a Thread:-

The small branches that you collect will be used as a thread to hold the straw and the big branches will be used as the pillars of your shelter. The pebbles can be used as a weight if you need and tarpaulin can be used as a covering. In case tarpaulin is not available, that too will be done holding straw and grass in the branches of tresses’.

3. Camp Fire to Keep Wild Animals Away:-

It has been proven that all the sort of wild animals including the lions and tigers choose to stay away from fire and thus if you are in the wild building shelter for yourself, it is important to collect some dried pieces of wood to use them to generate campfire that will prove to keep wild animals away from you.

4. Make Four Holes in the Land and Dig Four Thick Branches of Tree in It:-

Start by digging four holes in the land each at the four corners of square with which you are going to make a shelter for yourself. Each hole should be equally away from the other. Dig the tree branches that are massive one in these holes and now when you have positioned the pillars for your shelter, simply fix the tree branches to construct a roof tying the thin tree branches with these pillars and then cover the roof top with leaves, pieces of straw and grass.

5. Making the Roof:-

In case there is some tarpaulin available, you may choose to hide the roof and the external boundary with it else arrange the pebbles and rocks around the boundaries of your shelter. It is better if camp fire is lit at the main entry only. Keep the shelter perfectly isolated from every side.

6. Making the Walls:-

While making the walls, make sure to use the bushes with thorns in them. Thorns will also prove to keep the wild animals away from you. The straw, grass and small branches should be used to construct these walls to make you hide out and the rest should be done with the thorny bushes. Arrange enough bushes around your shelter such that any wild animal is not able to enter it from any side and you can safely reside in it. Your shelter is ready now.


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