How to Build a Porch Attached to a House

How to Build a Porch


You must be familiar with a deck right? Well, it is a base with your house that we make in the front of it like a balcony to stand or sit on it as a main entry of the house with the grills fixed with it and if we make it with a rooftop, The deck will be called a porch as it has got a head over it and thus to have a deck with top or a porch is a great idea. Just imagine it is raining and you are enjoying some snacks sitting with your darling on a sofa kept on the deck and you can’t even get wet as there is a head over it. In case you need to build a porch with your house, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here. (How to Build a Porch)

How to Build a Porch

How to Build a Porch

1. Build the Deck Base:-

In order to build a porch, you will first of all need to build the deck base, This will include you to make use of the wooden pieces of timber for the making of base that will be layered with the pieces of timber again and the will cover the plywood on the top with some flooring made over it. (How to Build a Porch)

2. Make the Timber Fixings:-

First of all, we build the base, not after the base has been made, we are free to make the timer fixings keeping them cut readily in the desired size of wooden sheets that we will fix up with the iron nails dug deep in them. Now, after the wooden blocks have been positioned in a proper way, we will simply fix the flooring tiles positioning them with the help of ivory tile chemical at the proper place.

3. Fixing the Grill:-

Now when the timber fixings have been made, you will be required to go for fixing the grill with the associated part of the porch. The grills should have equal space between them and thus it will make your porch get the perfectly matching look for this purpose. (How to Build a Porch)

4. Fixing the Pillars:-

Now when the deck is build, we will position wooden pillars at the corners and then the process of building the roof for this deck will begin. Simply position the pillars, arrange a wooden timber sheet over them and then nail up those sheets. Now, after the approach has been completed, we will against go for the layering process so as to not let anything pass through the roof.

5. Wooden Timber for Making the Roof:-

Now we will use the wooden timber for making the roof. These wooden pieces of timber will be equipped with tiles or vinyl flooring over it and then we will go for the final touch. You may also choose to lay a tarpaulin sheet over the roof to prevent the wood from getting spoiled because of water. (How to Build a Porch)

6. The Final Touch:-

Now it is the time to give a final touch to the porch that we have made. We will simply paint it up, shape it up and then make it get shining. The porch will be ready this way and you can have some furniture kept on the deck of it now to sit and enjoy the weather. (How to Build a Porch)


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