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How to Build a Flat Roof

How to Build a Flat Roof


Roof refers to the top most area of a building and when this area is kept flat in shape and structure, it is referred to as a flat roof.  The designing of a flat roof is most important thing to be kept in consideration and thus here we have bought some tips to help you regarding this purpose. This can be done either by installing the steel or wooden uprights or you may say the piece of wooden timbers that are fixed to the upper portions of the four walls and then a layer of tiles is laid on the top to make a flat roof. In case you need to do this yourself, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Build a Flat Roof

How to Build a Flat Roof

1. Get the Boundaries made:-

In order to go for building a roof, you will first of all need to build the boundaries and for that purpose, you can either hire up a mason or build them yourself with bricks and cement mixture. Building a basement and then arranging the bricks over bricks in a proper way applying the cement mixture in a planned way.

2. Affix the Wooden Roofing Timbers at the Dedicated Spaces:-

While building the boundaries, a dedicated space needs to be left at the uppermost portions of the boundaries to affix the wooden roofing timbers to it. Simply purchase the wooden roofing timbers and get them positioned at these dedicated spaces afterwards.

3. Affix the Joists and Plywood’s:-

Now when the wooden roofing timbre has been fixed, the turn here comes for the joists and the plywood’s on which the further construction will be made. You can take the help of some professional while going for this step as a slight mistake can lead to the bad construction.

4. The Slabs Are Kept Over the Wooden Timbers:-

After all these have been fixed, there comes a time to fix the slabs over the wooden joints. Slab by slab a lining of slabs will be made this way building the basic rooftop of your building and then there will come a need to go for the further construction but make sure that there is no space left while arranging the slabs. If possible, the slabs can be joined with some cement mixture filled in between the gaps.

5. The Polythene Sheet is laid over it then:-

After this step, a big polythene sheet will be laid over the slabs and then the mud layering or cement layering will be done. Arrange the mud layer in a proper way over this polythene sheet and then there will come a turn to arrange the tiles over it.

6. Then the Tile Layering is done:-

Now when the roof has been layered with cement or mud mixture, simply keeps on arranging the tiles in a sophisticated and symmetrical way above it and keeps on filling the mud or cement in between. The tiles will form a perfect rooftop base and this base can later on be sprinkled with cement mixture to shape it up. Your flat rooftop is ready.


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