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How to Build a Catapult

How to Build a Catapult


Defining generally, a catapult is a ballistic device that is bought in use to launch a projectile a great distance ahead with the help of some elastic throwing projectile aiding some explosive causing mass destruction with the area in which it is thrown. These tricks were used on a great scale within the Greek and roman countries in the past. Then it begin used as a means of combat and defense within the castles that used to be build by the emperors and even today this defensive trick is bought in use at several places and in case you need to build a catapult for yourself, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Build a Catapult

How to Build a Catapult

1. Make a Base:-

A strong defense means a strong catapult and a strong catapult can only be possible if the base is strong as it will enhance the projectile. Start building the base working on the figure first and keep it strictly according to the specified length, breadth and the other dimensions required.

2. Attach the Projectile:-

After the base gets built, it is now the time to attach a projectile with the catapult. You should make this unit in a large spoon like way attached with some flexible rubber like projectile agent. This rubber like stuff will be stretched after getting attached to the spoon like unit and then the bombs or explosives kept in the head will be thrown making the use of this projectile.

3. Make the Launching Device:-

The launching device refers to the attachment that you need to fix to hold the rubber material or the flexible elastic that will act as the throwing material for the projectile. Attach it and then test it by keeping some stuff at the projectile and then try to project it with this unit.

4. The Concept of Physics To Be Bought In Use For The Further Good Will:-

The concepts of physics will help you a lot against the working hazards while creating a catapult and thus you are advised to read the projectile motion chapter first before trying to create a catapult. This will give you a better idea how to deal with the objects in a projectile motion and thus you will be able to deal with the stuff in a better way.

5. Try Launching One Time:-

Now, after you have attached all the three units, it is the time to go for the projectile testing. Simply place the small stuff like some old teddy in the spoon like part, attach the elastic or rubber attachment to the launching device and then leave it off with a great jerk. If the teddy bear gets projected to the desired direction, your catapult is ready and else, there is some mistake and you need to work on the rectification once again.

6. Work on the Small Model first and then go Live:-

Try constructing the small model first before going for any big construction as this will give you a clue about the hazards that you may meet while construction is going on. The small model rather proves to be the working map for you regarding the big catapult construction as well.


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