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How to Break a Fever

How to Break a Fever


The rise in body temperature is referred to as fever and when the person is suffering from such a condition, it is but obvious that he or she will have the rate of measurement to be high in the thermometer. In case there are some bacteria or virus in the body that the body is unable to fight, then also this condition can occur to some individual and thus there comes a need to break it up to safeguard the life of that individual. In case you need to go for the same, you may choose to go for the tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Break a Fever

How to Break a Fever

1. Go for the Measurement:-

First of all, you will need a thermometer. This one is an instrument that enables you to measure the temperature. Simply make the patient press the end of thermometer under his tongue and the rise in the level of mercury in a thermometer will tell you how much the temperature has raised.

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2. Fluids to Prevent Dehydration:-

When you have got fever, you are likely to meet the loss of fluids in your body. This means there will be a loss of water in the body and the body will feel dehydrated out of the rise in temperature. You should keep on drinking a plenty of fluids so as to break the condition of fever and make yourself hydrated and safe against it.

3. Rest and Medicine Is a Must:-

The patient with a fever must be made to rest on his or her bed so as to gain some energy as the fever is likely to make you feel weak with it. You should go for the application of cold compress technique so as to make the temperature fall to some extent in case it is much high.

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4. Go for the Urine and Blood Test:-

In some cases, the fever may not be a normal seasonal change fever, but instead it may be a fever that has resulted because of a mosquito bite and in such cases you should go for immediate blood and urine testing. The identification of such a fever can be done following the symptoms that include extreme weakness experienced by the person and besides the extreme rise in temperature.

5. Consult and Care:-

The proper consultant should be done with the help of your health professional so as to avoid the hazards that result because of fever and in some cases; you may even have to stay at rest in some good hospital with glucose and medicines injected instead of taking them orally. In some cases the fall of blood platelets may make the situation worse and thus it is better you always stay connected with your doctor.

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6. Stay Energized against Weakness:-

The weakness is likely to leave you devastated and in some of the cases, the patient might even feel it impossible for him to eat something and instead will vomit soon after eating something, in such cases the diet needs to be strictly monitored and consulted with your health professional.


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