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How to Book Ola Cab in Just a Few Minutes

How to Book an Ola Cab


Ola cab service was founded in Bangalore part of Karnataka in the year 2010. It has been five long years since Ola cab service was started and now it has become a big brand in cab services. Ola cabs was founded by Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati. It is basically a transportation network company which was started as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai. Now this service can be availed in most parts of India. You can book an OLA cab for yourself following these simple steps:-

How to Book Ola Cab in Just a Few Minutes

How to Book Ola Cab in Just a Few Minutes

1. Download the Ola Cab Application:-

The best procedure to book an Ola cab is by downloading the Ola cab application. Once you download the Ola cab application and run it on your device, a sign-up form appears on the screen where you have to Fill-in your email id, password, full name, mobile number etc and after filling your personal details in the application, you can easily log-into the device with your account after the verification gets made.

2. Set Your Pickup Location:-

After you get logged in with Ola cabs, you will need to set-up your pick-up location. This pick-up location can be an Airport, Railway Station, and even your Office, Home or your current location. The Ola cab faculty is committed to pick you up or receive you from all these destined places.

3. Tap “Ride Now” To Book Your Ride:

After specifying your pick-up location, you just have to tap on “Ride Now” option with your finger. You have to confirm the ride and the company faculty marks your place to sync you with an Ola cab driver to receive you from that place. The charges are told to you and you can confirm your drive purchase.

4. Get Instant Confirmation with Driver Details:

Ola soon sends you an instant confirmation message with the details of the driver who will come to pick you up. You get all the details of that driver and taxi which can be bought in use to track the time that will be taken by the cab to receive you.

5. See Your Ride-En-Route on Map:-

You can also see your ride-en-route map, meanwhile at the home screen of your application. Clicking the menu options on your right side, you will find the dedicated options for your rides, rate card, Ola money, offers, free rides, emergency contact etc.

6. Pay Only After Your Ride gets completed:

With Ola cab service; you make payments only when your ride gets completed. If you live in a zone where Ola cab does not provide its services, there will be a message displayed to you on screen asking you for an apology from the company’s side that they are sorry for the inconvenience caused to you and that they do not currently support their service in your location. Any complaints about the driver can be forwarded to the company and you can search for a cab from any place to any other place in the region of the service zone.


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