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How To Become Immortal (8 Steps)

How To Become Immortal


A person who can’t ever die is called immortal. Science is a solution to every problem and you can also manage to make yourself immortal by adopting the approaches to build immune power, by making your body prevented against diseases, by vaccinating yourself and by using herbal approaches. You can become immortal by following both, scientific as well as religious ways. Though we can’t acclaim for sure if you will be successful in your attempt or not, but still there can be some ways which can really help you to be immortal. Some of these ways can be explained as follows:-

How To Become Immortal

How To Become Immortal

1. Leave Your House and Start Living With Saints and Yogi’s:-

Saints and Yogi’s always stay in direct contact with God. They know the ways of getting “Moksha” as well as a blessing of life. Some of the saints are so powerful that they can customize their life and death by establishing a connection with God. Though I do not believe in all such things, but still it is said that it is possible to control life and death with meditation and brain usage.

2. Make Yourself Familiar with Herbs and Medicinal Plants:-

The medicinal plants and herbs can be a perfect solution for you to stay away from health disorders and when you stay away from health disorders, you become a kind of immortal itself. For example, Amla can be bought in use to prevent diabetes, carrot juice purifies the blood, neem tree juice prevents skin disorders and garlic prevents cancer. When you add all such medicinal plants and herbs to your regular life, you stay 100% away from diseases and health problems and thus your life gets increased as well.

3. Start Consuming Immunity Booster Food Stuff:-

There are some food items proven to act as an immunity booster for your health. Such food stuff includes Shilajeet, amla, ginseng, nuts, resins etc. You should keep consuming such immunity boosting food items in order to keep yourself away from the development of health problems.

4. Take Natural Supplements for Everything:-

There are two kinds of supplements available in the market. Once such supplement is natural or organic supplement while the other is non-natural or chemically produced supplement. You should stay away from chemically produced eatables and supplements and instead you should consume only organic food items. Besides this, it is better that you take juices, but you should never quit eating at all.

5. Beware of Side Effects:-

Each and everything in this universe has got some drawbacks with it. You should double confirm the drawbacks of each habit that you adopt in life. For example, smoking causes cancer. Drinking alcohol causes damage to your liver and similarly excess of fats makes you obese. When you are aware of the side effects of certain eatable or adopted habit, you can remove it from your life or eliminate it in order to increase your life.

6. Adopt Exercises/Yoga:-

People also say that you can bring about a significant increase in your life by adopting exercises as well as yoga in your life schedule. Even the health supplements need exercises and efforts to supplement their effects. Besides this, you should observe calories in your diet and you should keep a control over your ill habits.

7. Do Something Which Makes Your Name Famous:-

Most of the poets and writers died at a very tender age, but still we know their names and we study their life biographies. One person is immortal in terms of days of his life while the other gets immortal by his works. You can also engage yourself in something that makes you famous so as to make your name immortal in this world.

8. Bring About a Revolution:-

Last but not the least, there is another way of becoming immortal and it is to create about a kind of revolution in your country. People like Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and Sukhdev died many years back while fighting for freedom, but people still remember their names for their patriotism and the kind of revolution that they had bought about in the society. You can also try one such revolutionary idea in order to make your name immortal in the chapters of history.


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