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6 Tips on How to Become an Astronaut

How to Become an Astronaut


Astronauts are the dedicated space professionals that are hired by the space agencies for the space travel operations. These are not born with a silver spoon in their mouth but are he same common people like us. The difference is just that these are specialized scientists with degrees and work within various space corporations. In case the stars and planets seem to be fascinating to you, you may choose to make a career as an astronaut and the tips we are mentioning here will prove to be beneficial for you regarding this purpose for sure.

6 Tips on How to Become an Astronaut

How to Become an Astronaut

1. First of All, Opt for the Science Stream:-

Science stream is what you need to opt in 11th class to take the initial step to become an astronaut. Science stream will include you to come across various scientific phenomenon’s which will prove to teach you the basics for further studies that you will experience while in graduation.

2. Go for the Professional Science Degree:-

After yo0u have completed the basic schooling, you will need to get admitted yourself in some good professional science degree like that of B. Tech in aeronautical and space engineering or the others like bachelor in science etc. The degree is destined to take a scientist out of you. The post-graduation degree will open up options for you as a researcher as well, which means you can choose to make researches in the respective field and that too on government’s expenses.

3. Fill Government Registered Forms And Appear For Various Entrance Level Tests:-

After the degree gets completed and you get post graduated, you may choose to appear for various government level entrance tests like the ones conducted by the ISRO or NASA nationally or internationally so as to make a way for yourself as an astronaut. Look for the various entrance level tests that are destined to make an astronaut out of you and go for them all, you are sure to succeed in one of them if you do hard work.

4. Get picked By the Space Administrations:-

After the entrance level test is completed, the space administrations will pick you up for the training and when the training period gets completed, the space administrations will start sending you for various space missions and other such space related job works.

5. Get Trained and Work With Them:-

As I told you earlier, the space administrations won’t send you directly to the space and instead you will need to get trained first. They will train you in that and then you will assist the dedicated professionals and this will take an astronaut out of you.

6. After Get Chosen As an Astronaut:-

As you have chosen this as a career, I think you know the duties of an astronaut better than me and thus after you get chosen, you just need to fulfill these duties with all your might so as to keep progressing in this filed and the rest you will come to know yourself when you are chosen as an astronaut.


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