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How to Become a Surgeon (4 Steps)

How to Become a Surgeon


A surgeon is a doctor that deals with the surgeries of various parts of the body. There are various branches of it including neurosurgery, in which the central and nervous system is involved. The orthopedics involves dealing with the skeletal structure and the Ophthalmologists deal with the surgery of eyes as well as the infections related if any. There is always a specialist for the surgery of a particular organ and rather the salary in this profession is also awesome. Those who choose to work for serving the public besides getting an awesome salary may choose to go for this profession by following the simple tips that we are mentioning here.

How to Become a Surgeon

How to Become a Surgeon

1. Complete Schooling in Medical Stream:-

First of all, you are required to opt medical or combined stream in your 11th class and complete your schooling with distinction in it. Simply take all the efforts to secure good marks and then apply for some medical test that are held at various national and state based level for getting admission in some good medical college or university.

2. Graduation in medical field:-

After you complete schooling, you may choose to go for getting specialized in any of the fields, including the Surgery, neurosurgery, skeletal surgery, etc. The main approach is chosen by the student only and slightly depends on marks that he or she secured in the medical entrance tests and 12th marks as well.

3. Get Aware About The Different Specializations:-

There are various specializations that you may choose to go for so as to become a surgeon, some of these have been mentioned here:-

(i) MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery):-

MBBS is what mostly students choose to go for. The graduation follows one year of internship and a range of subjects like general medicine, surgery, pathology, gynecology, orthopedics, etc. are taught to the student in this field of surgery.

(ii) BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine & Surgery):-

The duration in this case stays the same as in case of MBBS but this branch of surgery deals with homeopathic medicine instead of the drug based approaches.

(iii) BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine And Surgery):-

The duration is still the same followed with a one year internship and the difference is just that this branch involves the usage and study of ayurvedic medicines in it.

(iv) MS (Masters Of Surgery):-

All the surgery based study programmes that I mentioned earlier were based on graduation or bachelor’s degree in field of surgery, but this one is a post graduate or masters degree in the field of surgery. This can be done after completing the bachelor’s degree in surgery and completing it you will be able to teach the students of surgery field that you are specialized in.

4. The Internship and Rest of The Approaches:-

It will take you about four years to complete your basic education and then will begin one year of internship. You will be made to physically get trained as a working Intern staff in some reputed hospital and you will assist some doctor while in his surgeries so as to get trained enough to do that. Afterwards you may choose to fill government based forms for various posts in Govt. Registered hospitals or you may open up your own clinic as well.


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