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How to Become a Retronaut

How to Become a Retronaut


A retronaut can be taken as an individual who has got the ability to travel through time using the power of perception. This is a charismatic profession that deals with all what can take you back in time. These professionals can judge the way you used to be in your past and have the ability to reveal what had happened with you and what you had gone through in the past. This can prove to be an awesome career for you in case you wish to deal with the past and what we call as supernatural, this profession suits you the best. In order to be a retronaut, you may choose to go for the steps that we are mentioning here:-

How to Become a Retronaut

How to Become a Retronaut

1. Learn the Tricks of Hypnotism:-

If you wish to be a retronaut, the tricks of hypnotism can help you a lot as this is an art that can make you enabled to reach a person’s past by making him or her hypnotized and then asking him or her to get back in the past and tell you what is happening there so as to reveal what the person has gone through in the past to judge his or her present.

2. Have Knowledge of Psychology:-

Psychology deals with all the aspects of human life and deals even with the worse aspects of human behavior that will make you capable to judge up the past of a person as well as his or her present condition and as this is all what retronauts have to deal with, you should try out learning psychology for sure.

3. Make Yourself Familiar with All What Retronauts Do:-

As someone has said that half knowledge is always harmful, you should first of all make yourself familiar with what actually the profession is and what are the required skills for it. If you come to know exactly what retronauts should be equipped with, it would be easy for you to transform yourself in a retronaut like this.

4. Assist a Professional Retronaut:-

I have told you that you have to first make yourself familiar with all the aspects of this profession but how would you be able to do that? Well the best way to do so is to meet a professional retronaut and ask him to train you serving as his assistant and then you can get trained by him to learn all the aspects of this profession.

5. Engage With Some Initial Cases:-

All what is left now is just to engage with some initial cases solving them while still assisting your teacher and when you get able to sort them out in a better way like what a professional retronaut does, you may choose to go for procuring a license and then start up practice yourself hiring up the staff after getting certified.


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