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How to Become a Pharmacist

How to Become a Pharmacist


A pharmacist is the one who deals with all sort of medicines and helps the patients with their medication and all sort of approaches that they go through after getting the medication slip that the doctor gives them and getting the desired drugs for patients based on that slip. You will need to do great effort so as to become a pharmacist and pharmacists rather can open up their own chemist shops or may even go for opening drug based companies after getting their pharmacist’s certificate from the concerned authorities. The exact procedure to become a pharmacist has been explained by us in this article.

How to Become a Pharmacist

How to Become a Pharmacist

1. Diploma In Pharmacy:-

The first thing that you need to do in order to become a pharmacist is to go for D. Pharma or the Diploma in Pharmacy. This can be done immediately after 10th class and proves to be the best for you if you are planning to do it just for opening up a chemist shop.

2. Bachelor In Pharmacy:-

The next thing that you can choose to go for in order to become a pharmacist is to go for the Bachelor degree in Pharmacy that we call as the B. Pharma This degree specializes you with a pharmacist license that you can bring in use so as to get employed in various drug based companies etc.

3. Masters In Pharmacy:-

If you need to make a career in teaching the pharmacy students or to get trained in the postgraduate degree of pharmacy, you can choose to go for the M. Pharma or masters in pharmacy. This degree specializes you to open up your own drug based firm and medicine manufacturing unit.

4. Get the License:-

Do the degree or diploma that best suits you, but never forget to collect the license that it provides you. This license can be bought in use so as to become a pharmacist or can even be rented to others so as to make them open up their private medical store getting some monthly rent in return from them.

5. Open Up Your Own Firm Or Organization:-

After you get perfectly educated by doing the degree or diploma, whatever you choose, you can choose to work under some professional chemist or you may even choose to go for the company interviews as well. The companies will show more interest in you if you are a graduate or post graduate in pharmacy. Get the courses done with dedication securing good marks and this way you will be able to become a professional good pharmacist with a handsome salary one day.


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