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How to be the Funniest Comedian

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If you are an Indian, you must have watched comedy nights with Kapil Sharma or you must have watched comedians like Govinda or Raju shriwastava or Johny Lever etc. performing on stage. These guys are really devils and take no time to bring smile on your face. Talking about the comedian, he is a person who has got a good sense of humor and is always present with an answer equally humorous as his profession and his nature. Such people never leave any chance to pass funny comments and bring smile on the face of their audience and for those who want to opt this profession as their career, here we have come with some tips to help them.

How to be the Funniest Comedian (6 Steps) - HowFlux

How to be the Funniest Comedian

1. Mimicry of Famous People:-

If you know how to make mimicry of famous people, you can really become a famous comedian. Simply learn their speaking style, try to copy their expressions and try to resemble them while speaking. You may choose to copy the movie stars as well as the politicians and other famous people so as to do comedy in their voices.

2. Learn to Make Jokes:-

In order to become a better comedian, you should know how to compose jokes and not just how to compose them but also how these jokes should be placed in an act so as to make audience laugh. You should know what will make people laugh and the jokes should also have that content in them. You can start by reading joke books and take examples from life stories as well.

3. Get Exposure to Stage:-

The more you are exposed to stage, the more your fear goes away and the better you are able to speak in front of others and do your acts. The better you do your acts, the better people get influenced with your qualities and the day everybody starts appreciating your sense of humor, you become a famous comedian as well.

4. The Acts That You Do Should Be Entertaining:-

Just learning to do how the acts will be done is not enough but you should know how to bring twists in them and make them equally humorous and entertaining as well. You should know when the act is to get serious and when it is to make people laugh.

5. Comments That Do Not Make Others Feel Guilty And Instead Make Them Laugh:-

In order to become a successful comedian, you should know how to pull leg of others. Your comments should never make anybody get irritated and instead they should make them laugh. You should have a control over your tongue and you should know what you are speaking and when you are speaking. The words that you use should be equally humorous as well, but you should not cross your limits sometimes.

6. Take Part In Local Functions As Well As Laughter Challenges:-

You can also choose to go for the auditions of various laughter challenge shows as well. These shows are destined to make you show the hidden talent in you and the more you get exposure to public, the more hidden talent in you comes outside.


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