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How To Be Safe While pregnant

How To Be Safe While pregnant


Pregnancy is the stage of a women’s life after which she welcomes a new life in this world. While pregnancy, a women needs to have a great care of her and her baby as her health is associated with the baby’s health also, failing which can harm both the mother and the baby. In this post, we are up with some tips to be safe while pregnancy that can help any mother to take care of herself as well as the new angel coming to this world and some of these are as follows:-

How To Be Safe While pregnant

How To Be Safe While pregnant

1. Care While Traveling:-

if you are planning to travel with a public transport like bus or taxi, you should not keep on sitting for a long period as it may not be that much safe for you. Though you can travel by airways or your private vehicle occasionally, but sitting for a long period is prohibited. Remember, even a slight harm happening to, you can even harm the baby. Avoid stairs, use lifts or elevators if you can.

2. Care While Doing Sex:-

Sometimes what happens, a pregnant lady feels it totally devastating for herself to be in a certain position with her partner in bed. But it is not necessary that the sex position preferred by a men will also be preferred by a women as she may feel it tiresome or while pregnancy some women’s even feel their will to change in the matter of being physical with her hubby.

3. Quit Your Bad Habits:-

Some women’s are in a habit of using drugs in their everyday life, either to relieve from stress of their everyday life or due to family tensions. Some even start smoking or drinking. Remember, a new life is in your womb now, the drink you consume goes through his or her blood also. If you have some bad habits of taking drugs, please leave them for the baby’s sake.

4. Eat Healthy And Fresh:-

Quit eating unhealthy and processed foods. Food related illness can be prevented by taking properly washed and properly cooked food in pregnancy. You should consume pasteurized milk only and take a diet rich in proteins, iron, calcium, folic acid etc. in order to stay healthy as the baby feeds on the food you consume. Thus, by consuming healthy and nutritious food, you are keeping the baby healthy also. Depend on herbal products only and eat fruits and drink fruit juices as liquids are best absorbed by your body. Take whole grains in your diet. Monitor your dietary intake with the help of a health expert if you feel the need of it. Take advice from some elder women in your family.

5. Someone Should Always Stay Close For Care:-

When there is a pregnant woman in the house, we advise you to call some of your experienced and responsible female relative to look after her as she needs some close care also. Someone should always stay with her wherever she goes so as to avoid any case of falling or any other unexpected circumstances.


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